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New Titles – w/e 31st August 2019

in hardcover:

Chuck WendigWanderers as civilisation collapses, a young female sleepwalker is joined by myriad others as she treks across America to an unknown destination… It looks very big!
John BirminghamThe Cruel Stars part one of his new Cruel Stars trilogy. After their defeat centuries earlier, the aliens have returned to contest human occupied space again…
Guillermo del Toro & Cornelia Funke The Labyrinth of the Faun a new Pan’s Labyrinth novel! With b&w interior llustrations by Allen Williams

in large format:

Mathhew W. FrendThe Free World War in peaceful 2265, a popular VR simulation is of a world where WW2 goes very differently and the Soviets control the post-war world…
Damien WestlyThirst for Revenge unfairly disgraced & stripped of his Captaincy and Pilot’s Licence, revenge must be sought!
Alexandra Rowland – A Conspiracy of Truths a storyteller, convicted as a witch and spy, finds himself a pawn in the political scheming of his captors…

Ellen Datlow (editor) – Echoes: The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories giant volume with 30 new stories from the likes of Kadrey, McGuire, Littlewood & Mamatas

in ‘B’ format:

G. Rai – Konglomerate following the civilisation-destroying Great Flash, two survivors, an orphan and an ex-prisoner, fight against mutants and strange humanoids…
James LovegroveSherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils. The 3rd of his Cthulhu Casebooks

Daisy Butcher (editor) – Evil Roots subtitled Killer Tales of the Botanical Gothic the latest in the British Library‘s Tales of the Weird anthology series. 14 stories, including works by Ambrose Bierce, Abraham Merritt & H. G. Wells

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireNight and Silence the 12th October Daye novel

art, etc:

Kate LacourVivisectionary strange art depicting human and animal bodies (some mythological) in various stages of disection. Hardcover
Baron YoshimotoThe Art of BY full colour h/c of exotic Japanese fantasy

Emmanuel Lepage – Springtime in Chernobyl hardcover graphic novel from IDW covering events from the reactor meltdown to the present day
Jonathan Fetter-VornMoonbound subtitled Apollo 11 and the Dream of Spaceflight graphic novel all about our growing knowledge of the Moon with chapters about the Apollo 11 mission alternating with older historical sections

Mark Vedrines – Islandia part 1: Boreal Landing graphic novel about a French orphan who stows away to Iceland, set in the 17th C.

Sergio Toppi – Collected Toppi Volume Two: North America more amazing pencil work. Volume One back in stock. Some full colour pages but mainly b&w. Hardcover
Hugo PrattCorto Maltese: The Early Years the final volume, I think, in which a young CM meets both Jack London & Rasputin in the Far East!
Juan GimenezThe Fourth Power re-issue of the classic bande desinee space opera, in hardcover from Humanoids!

Studio Ghibli100 Collectible Postcards neat box of full colour cards with art from all the major films made by the studio! Very nice.


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