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New Titles – w/e 24th August 2019

in large format:

Miles CameronBright Steel the 3rd book of his Masters & Mages series
Jane Yolen & Adam StempleThe Last Tsar’s Dragons pre-Revolutionary Russia, with dragons!

Evan CurrieArchangel One during an uneasy peace, Archangel Squadron mount a secret mission deep into the heart of the Enemy’s space and have to conceal their identiy at all costs – even apparently fighting for the Enemy…
Tanith LeeLove in a Time of Dragons  & Other Tales 15 short stories, published by Immanion Press

David Stokes (editor) – Tales of the Sunrise Lands 18 short stories by Western writers, inspired by Japanese culture

in ‘B’ format:

Ari MarmellThe Conqueror’s Shadow Corvis Rebaine had failed in his dream to rule and now an upstart warlord was attempting the same thing…
Ari MarmellThe Warlord’s Legacy Rebaine is again living quietly, but someone has started impersonating him!
Hailey EdwardsRise Against the 4th in The Foundling series, which began with Bayou Born

Cyriak HarrisHorse Destroys the Universe Betty & Tim are scientists conducting neurological experimentas on Buttercup, but discover the horse has it’s own ideas about who’s experimenting on whom!
S. J. MordenNo Way sequel to One Way. Frank is now the only person left alive on Mars…

Ian ThorntonThe Deaths and Afterlife of Alastair Crowley what if The Great Beast hadn’t died, but was an ex-master spy now living in exile in Shangri-La!

Octavia ButlerParable of the Talents re-print; Parable of the Sower arrived last week
Suzette Haden ElginNative Tongue her 1984 dystopia, now re-released as an Orion SF Masterwork

Naosh Koriyama & Bruce Allen (translators) – Japanese Tales From Times Past collection of fantasy and folklore from the Konjaku Monogatari Shu. New to me but originally publishd in 2015

Rachel PollackThe Beatrix Gates plus… the 22nd volume in PS Publishing‘s Outspoken Authors series. A novella, three short tories, an essay, an interview by Terry Bisson and a bibliography
Paul ParkCity Made of Words plus… the latest in PS Publishing‘s Outspoken Authors series. Several short stories, a couple of essays by him, an interview and a bibliography
Currently also have the Michael Blumlein, Sam Delany, Joe Lansdale, Ursula LeGuin & Madge Piercy volumes in stock as well…

in paperback:

Michael MammaySpaceside sequel to Planetside. A little enexpected, given how the 1st one ended!

art, etc:

Frederic Bremaud & Federico BertolucciLove: The Dinosaur wordless graphic novel anout a day in the life of a T. Rex; back in stock

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