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New Titles – w/e 3rd August 2019

in hardcover:

D. K. FriendsWidow’s Welcome investigating a curious murder Cora finds herself sucked into the murky politics surrounding the up-coming election. Book 1 of the Tales of Fenest, set in a world where stories have power…

in large format:

Strefan SpjutTrolls sequel to 2015’s Stallo, set deep in the Norwegian forests a decade later…
Cherie PriestThe Toll two honeymooners drive across an unmapped bridge in the Florida swamps…

Glen CookChronicles of the Black Company omnibus edition of the 1st three novels in the series: The Black Company, Shadows Linger & The White Rose. Back in stock after a long break!

Darran AndersonImaginary Cities new edition at last! Non-fiction

in ‘B’ format:

Jy YangThe Ascent to Godhood the 4th in the Tensorate series

Robert Jackson BennettFoundryside in the city of Tavanne escaped slave Sancia is persuaded to try to steal an ancient artifact…
Brian RuckleyThe Free stand alone fantasy novel back in stock. A band of mecenaries take one last job…

in paperback:

Eric FlintWorlds 2 collection which includes a short Ring of Fire novel (The Austro-Hungarian Connection), a short novel (Fanatic) set in David Weber‘s Honor Harrington universe,  some short pieces from The Grantville Gazette and 7 other stories
Michael Z. WilliamsonTide of Battle collection of short tories and essays

Kevin J. Anderson & Sarah J. HoytUncharted magical, alternate history version of the Lewis & Clark expedition the Arcane Territories

Greg WeismanRavnica 1st volume of War of the Spark, the first new Magic: The Gathering novel for many years!

art, etc:

Pie InternatonalRetrospective Scenes From a Sentimental World matching volume to Beautiful Scenes From a Fantasy World & Everyday Scenes From a Parallel World. All are full colour softcovers with glossy wrap-around dustjackets. Various artists.

William GibsonAlien 3 graphic novel of his unused script for the 3rd film in the Alien franchise. adapted by Johnnie Christmas & Tamra Bonvillain

Enki BilalMonster big new hardcover from Titan Books collecting the whole Monster tetralogy of The Dormant Beast, December 32, Rendez-vous in Paris & Four? in English for the first time.
Phillippe Thirault & Jorge MiguelShanghai Dream a pair of aspiring film-makers flee Germany in 1938 and end up in China… Full colour softcover from Humanoids

Ben KatchorConversations collection of interviews about his art spanning his career

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