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New Titles – w/e 13th July 2019

Neal StephensonFall or, Dodge in Hell sequel to Reamde. Following an accident, a gaming billionaire’s mind is preserved until medical advances allow it to be re-awakened, but into a very different world…
BaoshuRedemption of Time novel set in the world of The Three Body Problem, by Xixin Liu
Alyson RuddThe First Time Lauren Pailing Died a young girl keeps dying, but each itteration alters reality for everyone surrounding her…

Christopher PriestEpisodes short story collection with 11 stories spanning his career

David C. WeinczokThe History Behind the Game of Thrones serious look as similarities between real Scottish history and the in-series history in the George R. R. Martin epic! Comes with free poster on heavy stock

in large format:

Tanya HuffThe Complete Smoke Trilogy comprising Smoke and Shadows, Smoke and Mirrors & Smoke and Ashes, from 2004 – 2006. Described as ‘Novels of Vampires, Wizards and TV Terror’
Paul G. Brand & Craig A. HartA Stark and Stormy Night fun parody of gumshoe P.I. pulp stories…

in ‘B’ format:

Angela Slatter Restoration the 3rd in her Verity Fassbinder urban fantasy series, which began with Vigil and then Corpselight
Joanne Harris
The Testament of Loki sequel to The Gospel of Loki
Suyi Davies OkungbowaDavid Mogo: Godhunter Lagos is in chaos as all the old gods return but David Mogo has a job to do…
Ausma Zehanat KhanThe Black Khan sequel to The Bloodprint; volume 2 of the Khorasan Archives
Mimi Yu The Girl King abruptly cut out of the line of succession to the throne, the emperor’s daughter seeks help from a shapeshifter…

Nick SetchfieldThe Spider Dance Cold War thriller, with added demons!

Morgan LlywelynDrop by Drop disaster novel in which all plastic worldwide starts to decay and melt…

Kim NewmanBeasts in Velvet reprint of a 1993 ‘Jack YeovilVampire Genevieve short story collection from Warhammer Horror
Kim NewmanSilver Nails reprint of a 2002 ‘Jack Yeovil’ Vampire Genevieve novel from Warhammer Horror

Warhammer 40,000Apocalypse a Space Marine Conquests novel by Josh Reynolds

in paperback:

Sean GrigsbyAsh Kickers sequel to Smoke Eaters

art, etc:

Jack Yerka & Harlan Ellison – Mind Fields back in stock after several years! Single page stories matched with surreal art. Hardcover

Robin Hobb & Manuel PreitanoFitz and the Fool Coloring Book with all your favourites from across the Six Dutchies!


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