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New Titles – w/e 22nd June 2019

in hardcover:

Sarah GaileyMagic for Liars Ivy is a struggling P.I. and takes a case investigating a murder at a reclusive Academy for Young Mages, where her estranged twin sister is a teacher…
Sam HawkeCity of Lies the 1st Poison War novel. Jovan only appears to be an irresponsible heir; he’s actually trained to detect poisons and protect the rest of the ruling family

Simon R. GreenTill Sudden Death Do Us Part the latest Ishmael Jones mystery
Peter Newman – Ruthless sequel to The Deathless

in large format:

Rhys Williams & Mark Bould (editors) – M. John Harrison: Critical Essays 14 (inc. the intro) serious essays about one of the most interesting UK f&sf authors

in ‘B’ format:

Yoon Ha LeeHexarchonate Stories 21 short stories set in the Machineries of Empire background, where the Ninefox Gambit books were set

Jackson Ford – The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind Teagan is the only telepath the government is aware of but now someone’s been murdered in such a way that it looks like only she could have done it!

Gabby Hutchinson CrouchDarkwood Gretel Mudd is forced to flee into the nearby forest, where she meets various strange characters, but her knowledge of maths may help!
Christina Henry – The Girl in Red post-Apocalyptic take on a classic fairy tale…
Rena Rossner – Sisters of the Winter Wood in a remote village in the Ukranian forest two sisters discover that the old fairy tales may be true after all, and that this knowledge might save them!

Jonathan Barnes  – Cannonbridge in the 21st C, somebody realises that a flamboyant, ubiquitous character mentioned in popular culture and in all the history books about the 19thC maybe never existed!
Alexis HallThe Affair of the Mysterious Letter returning from an inter-dimensional war, Captain Wyndham takes rooms at 221b Martyr’s Walk and meets Sheharazed Haas, a consulting sorceress with a dark reputation…

John EversdonThe Devil’s Equinox
Jonathan JanzDust Devils

Andrew SmithMoon Dust up-to-date biographies of the surviving astronauts who walked on the Moon, based on interviews, etc. with them all.

SF Masterworks from Orion which I’ve not had in for some time:

Greg BearBlood Music classic cyberpunk from 1985!
Colin GreenlandTake Back Plenty BSFA & Clarke Award winner from 1990


Locusissue # 701 with Michael Blumlein, Kaaron Warren, Stokercon & the Nebula Awards winners highlighted on the cover

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