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New Titles – w/e 15th June 2019

In hardback:

Ben Aaronovitch – The October Man a Rivers of London novella, featuring Tobias Winter investigating a case in Germany

Taylor AndersonPass of Fire the 14th in his Destroyermen series, set on an alternate Earth populated by two civilised but antagonistic species evolved from lemurs and crocodilians
Helen OyeyemiGingerbread Perdita and her mother are a bit mysterious & new to the area. They  live in an exotically furnished flat and make wonderful gingerbread…
Peter NewmanThe Ruthless sequel to The Deathless

in large format:

Lawrence M. Schoen & Jonathan P. BrazeeThe Seeds of War Trilogy containing Invasion, Scorched & Bitter Harvest all action alien plant invasion!

C. S. E. CooneyBone Swans 5 short stories; the collection won a World Fantasy Award for Best Collection
C. J. CherryhThe Faded Sun Trilogy reprint omnibus of her late 1970s series consisting of Kesrith, Shon’jir & Kutath. A human stranded among aliens. Probably my favourite books of hers.
C. J. CherryhThe Collected Short Fiction of CJC includes the contents of previous collections Sunfall & Visible Light plus 14 other stories. 1st pubblished in 2004

in ‘B’ format:

Megan O’KeefeVelocity Weapon after her gunship explodes, instead of being patched up by medics, Sanda wakes to find herself on a deserted, sentient spaceship 230 years in the future…
Richard MorganThin Air Hakan is the bodyguard for an audit team investigating crooked goings-on on Mars
Justina IrelandDread Nation Jane has been trained as a personal bodyguard at Miss Preston’s School of Combat for Negro Girls and is fully capable of taking care of a few ‘shamblers’…
Jon SteinhagenThe Hanging Artist P.I. Franz Kafka and his sidekick, a giant insect, investigate a case in 1912 Vienna…
Cassandra KhawThe Last Supper Before Ragnarok the latest Rupert Wong case, in the Gods and Monsters series
Maria LewisThe Witch Who Courted Death a top medium must find a witch to help her gain her revenge against the Oct, although she’s not not too sure what it actually is!
Christina HenryThe Girl in Red an alternate take on Little Red Riding Hood
A. C. H. Smith Jim Henson‘s “The Dark Crystal” novelisation of the classic film

Miles CameronDark Forge sequel to Cold Iron and the 2nd in his Masters & Mages series

Tim LebbonThe Edge sequel to The Folded Land and the last of his Relics trilogy
Katherine Duckett – Miranda in Milan after her father dies in The Tempest, Miranda ends up in Milan, still trying to get free of Prospero’s scheming…
Norman Lock – The Boy in His Winter Huck Finn‘s raft also travels through the years as it drifts down the Mississippi. The 1st of Lock’s American Novels

P. Djeli ClarkThe Haunting of Tramcar 015 Cairo in 1912 is a strange, fervid city bursting with alchemical ideas, automatons, secret societies and more!
P. Djeli ClarkThe Black God’s Drums a young teen wangles a place aboard a smuggler’s airship…

Paul CornellWitches of Lychford 
Paul CornellThe Lost Child of Lychford
Paul CornellA Long Day in Lychford 3 novellas featuring 3 witches defending the world from danger, specifically any which threaten the village they live in, and it’s border with other Realms…!

Greg McWhorterShadowfall fun, pulpish horror novel set in London
Greg McWhorterCarnival Night at the Crematorium 21 horror short stories

Stephen King & Bev Vincent (editors) – Flight or Fright 17 horror stories set on aeroplanes; King himself and Joe Hill both contribute new work
Gregory J. Luce (editor) – Science Fiction Gems volume 1 this consists of 11 stories culled from the pulps and published by Armchair Fiction in an edition which reminds you of an old pulp or Ace Books cover. Includes stories by Simak, Budrys, Vance and more!

in paperback:

Charles E. GannonCaine’s Mutiny the 4th in the Terran Republic series featuring Caine Riordan, which began with Fire With Fire
Edward WillettThe Cityborn nobody living in and around the multi-tiered city realises that it’s actually the decaying remnants of a gigantic, crashed space ship!
I should have had both these titles a while ago…

art, etc:

Tara McPhersonWandering Illuminatuions: The Art of TMcP mainly full page colour art in this hardcover

Bryan TalbotThe Art of BT back in stock


IllustratorsIssue Twenty-Six great articles on Philip Mendoza & John Millar Watt, with a lead article on Petar Meseldzija. Other Illustrator special issues also back in stock.

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