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New Titles – w/e 12th January 2019

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsShadow Captain the sequel to Revenger
David WeberThrough Fiery Trials the 10th in his Safehold series

Seanan McGuire In An Absent Dream Laundy finds a portal to what she thinks is the perfect world, but everything has it’s cost  -and pitfalls!

Katherine ArdenThe Winter of the Witch final book of her Winternight trilogy, which began with The Bear and the Nightingale

Brandon SandersonMistborn: A Secret History it says ‘novella’ but it’s 160 pages long… Set after the original Mistborn trilogy

in large format:

Mimi YuThe Girl King unexpectedly denied her rightful position as Empress, Liu seeks allies among her family’s enemies, while her younger sister also plots, either to help her sister or maybe to snatch the throne for herself!

Sherwood Smith A Stranger to Command set before Crown Duel telling the backstory of the Marquis of Shevraeth
Kay KenyonSerpent in the Heather the 3rd Dark Talents adventure, set in Wales in 1936

in ‘B’ format:

Cameron MilesCold Iron book 1 of her new series, Masters & Mages.
Patrice SarathThe Sisters Mederos two sisters plot to restore the family’s fortunes, possibly dealt a terrible blow by the uncontrolled magic of one of them… The sequel, Fog Season, is due in a few weeks. Books 1 & 2 of The Tales of Port Frey

Catherine CavendishThe Haunting of Henderson Close modern ghost story set in Edinburgh featuring a close not unlike Mary King’s Close.
Jonathan JanzA Savage Species work on a new nature preserve awakens an ancient terror!

Gavin G. SmithWar Criminals the 3rd Bastard Legion book
Nicholas Sansbury SmithExtinction: Red Line prequel to the main Extinction Cycle of books

in paperback:

James A. MooreGates of the Dead the 3rd in his Tides of War fantasy series…

Ben BovaSurvival the 3rd in his Star Quest series, which began with Apes and Angels & Death Wave


Brian FroudBF’s World of Faerie: Revised and Expanded Edition big, and lavishly illustrated, with one or two surprises inside!


Interzoneissue # 279 cover date Jan – Feb 2019 editorial by Sean McMullen
Black Staticissue # 67 cover date Jan – Feb 2019 opening comments by Lynda E. Rucker and Ralph Robert Moore


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