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New Titles – w/e 1st December 2018

in hardcover:

J. K. RowlingThe Crimes of Grindelwald: The Original Screenplay script of the 2nd of the Fantastic Beasts films, set 70 years or so before the Hary Potter books begin…

Joyce Carol OatesThe Hazards of Time Travel Adriane is sent back 80 years in time to rural Wisconsin for political rehabilitation…

David Weber – Uncompromising Honor a new Honor Harrington adventure! The previous one was Shadow of Victory two years ago
Stevan EriksonThe Search for Spark the 3rd in his Wilful Child series

Caitlin R. KiernanThe Dinosaur Tourist new collection from Subterranean Press with 19 stories. Great cover by Ray Troll, whose latest book, Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline came in a couple of weeks ago…

in large format:

Frank OwenNorth sequel to South! The aftermath of the 2nd American Civil War…

in ‘B’ format:

Nnedi OkoraforWho Fears Death? Onyesonwu is a young misfit growing up in a post-apocalyptic Africa, wanting to find her true roots…
Hailey EdwardsDeath Knell 3rd in her post-apocalyptic Foundling series…
Colson WhiteheadThe Intuitionist not new, but new to the shop; set in a strange city where the philosophy & politics of elevator safety are major issues!

Jamie SawyerExodus volume 2 of The Eternity War, the sequel to Pariah

M. D. LachlanNight Lies Bleeding the 5th in his Wolfsangel series
Adrian LaingKosmos a newly appointed Barrister defends an elderly man who is up on a charge of manslaughter and who also claims to be Merlin,
Ramsay CampbellThink Yourself Lucky David didn’t think the rather disturbing blog that shared a title with one he never got round to writing had anything to do with him personally…

Gareth E. ReesStone Tide Gareth moves into a delapidated house in Hastings and discovers it has a strange background with links to the likes Alastair Crowley & John Logie Baird! From the author of Marshland
Jonathan Janz The Sorrows two film composers go on a month long retreat on a remote Californian island, uninhabited since some gruesome deaths in 1925…

in paperback:

Eric Flint & Alastair KimbleIron Angels in Chicago, a case becomes too strange for the local F.B.I. office to handle and so Agent Black of the little-known Scientific Anomalies Group arrives to take over…

art, etc:

William StoutFantastic Worlds: The Art of WS thick hardcover with hundreds of colour illustrations covering his whole career, especially his paleoart.
Florent  GorgesYoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography; Beyond the Fantasy heavily illustrated h/c about the influential Japanese creator

John Fleskes (editor) – Spectrum 25 the annual review of the fantasy arts. Hardcover, although the softcover is due soon as well
Dave AddeyTypeset in the Future hardcover subtitled Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies. Not much to add to that!

Thierry SmolderenMcCay great looking hardcover about the life of Winsor McCay, one of the great comic strip & animation innovators a century+ ago
Bilal, Dionnet & Baranko – Exterminator 17 hardcover from Titan Comics with the original graphic novel (now titled Rebirth) with art by Enki Bilal, together with the sequel, The Ellis Trilogy with art from Igor Baranko. Both stories written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet

William Roy & Sylvain DorangeHedy Lamarr: An Incredible Life softcover graphic novel from Humanoids about Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. Colour
Sebastien Samson  –My New York Marathon true story of an unfit middle aged art teacher who decided to compete in the NY Marathon! Softcover published by Humanoids in b&w

Nancy PenaMadame Cat the trials and tribulations of getting a new cat! Two tone sketches making up little episodes starting with the cat still in it’s carry-crate on the way home…
Emily TetriTiger vs Nightmare colour h/c about a young tiger who really does have a monster under the bed!


IllustratorsIssue Twenty Three featuring pieces on Bobby Chiu, Virgil Finlay, N. C. Wyeth and Anne & Janet Grahame Johnstone. All excellent artists.


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