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New Titles – w/e 25th August 2018

in hardcover:

Cixen LiuBall Lightning after his parents are killed by the phenomenon, Chen devotes his life to investigating cutting edge, top secret science projects which may help him understand… Translated by Joel Martinsen
Adam RobertsBy the Pricking of Her Thumbs investigating the murder of one of the richest men in the world, Alma is kidnapped by a Stanley Kubrick obsessive!

Simon GreenMurder in the Dark the 6th case for amnesiac ‘fixer’ Ishmael Jones
Richard KadreyHollywood Dead the 10th Sandman Slim outing…

Ursula K. LeGuinNo Time to Spare essays on a variety of subjects…

in large format:

Victoria SchwabThe Dark Vault omnibus edition containing The Archived & The Unbound
Greg Egan – Dichronauts set in a strange world reminiscent of Hal Clement’s work, where the population has to continually migrate to stay within the moving, livable zone
Gary Gibson
– Ghost Frequencies Susan is close to proving her theory of retrocausality, but is it responsible for the ghosts which may be in the building…

Emma Bridges & Djibril al-Ayad (editors) – Making Monsters fantastical stories (and a few essays) from around the World…

in ‘B’ format:

Tim AkersThe Winter Vow the 3rd book in his Hallowed War series, which began with The Pagan Night

David MealingBlood of the Gods sequel to Soul of the World; volume 2 of The Ascension Cycle, following on from Dancer’s Lament
Steven Erickson – Deadhouse Landing 2nd in his Path to Ascendancy series
Tomi Adevemi – Children of Blood and Bone magic had disappeared suddenly but Zelie was determined to restore it somehow…
Ari MaxwellIn Truth and Claw the 4th job for Mick Oberon

Richard KadreyHollywood Dead the 10th Sandman Slim adventure
Victor LavalleThe Changeling finally back in stock… I understood it was re-printing but this looks like the 1st printing.
Kristin MillerSo I Married a Werewolf a Seattle Wolfpack novel

John Varley – Irontown Blues a sequel to Steel Beach & The Golden Globe
Marina J. Lostetter
Noumenon Infinity sequel to Noumenon
Steven MordenOne Way 8 astronauts are building the 1st Mars Base but one of them’s a killer…

Brooke BolanderThe Only Harmless Great Thing  strange alternate history novella

Tricia SullivanDreaming in Smoke latest SF Masterworks volume from Orion

J. R. R. TolkienThe Story of Kullervo his translation of the Finnish folk tale, featuring the death of Topsy the elephant…

Caspar HendersonA New Map of Wonders companion volume to The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, subtitled A Journey in Search of Modern Marvels

WarhammerThe Horus Heresy:

James Swallow –  Garro: Weapon of Fate

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireThe Brightest Fell the latest October Day novel…
Mercedes Lackey & James MalloryBlade of Empire sequel to Crown of Vengeance, vol 2 of The Dragon Prophecy

Richard BakerValiant Dust slacker Skander is appointed as the CSS Hector’s new gunnery officer and will have to shape up…

W. Bruce CameronThe Dog Master the story of the 1st dog, and the 1st man, to live together…


Locusissue # 691 Martha Wells interview & tributes to Harlan Ellison trailed on the cover, also a piece of SF in Scotland and the Locus Awards


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