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New Titles – w/e 4th August 2018

in hardcover:

Jasper fforde  –Early Riser most of humanity lies sleeping, due to awake when the weather improves; one of the maintainence crew is sent to investigate an outbreak of viral dreaming… 

in large format:

Ian Whates & Tom Hunter (editors) – 2001: An Odyssey in Words 27 new stories by top writers celebrating the 50th anniversary of 2001, each exactly 2001 words long!

in ‘B’ format:

Charles StrossDark State the sequel to Empire Games

Jen WilliamsThe Bitter Twins sequel to The Ninth Rain and part 2 of her Winnowing Flame trilogy
Django WexlerThe Infernal Battalion the 5th book of his Shadow Campaigns series
Adrian TchaikovskyRedemption’s Blade 1st in his new After the War fantasy series

Nick HarkawayGnomon near future sf in which The System observes everything and can access every thought…
Lauren C. TeffeauImplanted the city of New Worth may be about to abandon it’s protective dome and illicit courier Emery is caught between the rival sides…

Jy YangThe Descent of Monsters 3rd in the Tensorate Series; a companion novel to The Red Threads of Fortune & The Black Gods of Heaven

Gail GodwinGrief Cottage Marcus lives with his great aunt on a tiny island off the Carolina coast but while she paints for the tourists, he starts to see the ghost of another long-dead boy…

Doctor WhoThe Triple Knife and other Doctor Who Stories 5 short stories by Jenny T. Colgan

in paperback:

Karen ChanceShadow’s Bane the 4th in her Midnight’s Daughter series

Harry TurtledoveArmistice the 3rd in The Hot War series, in which the Korean War goes nuclear and leads to renewed world war…

art, etc:

Viz MediaThe Art of Magic: The Gathering; Dominaria large h/c featuring loads of full colour art from the early days of M:tG

3DTotal PublishingHow to Keep a Sketch Journal subtitled ‘A Guide to Observational Drawing and Keepinbg a Sketchbook

Jim Henson‘s The StorytellerFairies the latest volume with 4 short stories…

Jacques TardiI, Rene Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag 11B b&w hardcover depicting his father’s experiences during WW2
Geof DarrowThe Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek full colour h/c featuring the fearless, and apparently unstoppable martial arts cowboy!
Wilfrid Lupano & Gregory PanaccioneA Sea of Love full colour h/c about an elderly wife seeking fror her lost-at-sea fisherman husband…
Hugo PrattTango the latest volume of the collected Corto Maltese adventures

John McNamee  – Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears small book of single page cartoon strips


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