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New Titles – w/e 16th June 2018

in hardcover:

Rob Grant & Andrew MarshallThe Quanderhorn Xperimentations secret, absurd history based on documents discovered during the refurbishment of Westminster!

Peter NewmanThe Deathless people scratch a living from the verges of the Godroads, fearing the nearby forests where the Demons lurk. Above, the Deathless live their lives in floating castles…

Robert McCammonThe Listener crime novel set during the Great Depression, featuring a man who can sometimes hear things that haven’t been spoken out loud…

Eric Flint & Walt Boyers (editors) – Grantville Gazette VIII the latest volume of short stories set in Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire universe…

H. P. Lovecraft & Gary Gianni (illustrator) – The Illustrated Call of Cthulhu very nice h/c edition, filled with b&w art. Includes short story The Sea Raiders by H. G. Wells, also with illustrative sketches. Published by Flesk, who do the annual Spectrum arts collection.

Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly BlackThe Spiderwyck Chronicles: The Completely Fantastical Edition not new, but I now stock the illustrated single volume of the Spiderwyck Chronicles

in large format:

Amanda DownumStill So Strange collection of 28 short stories with a Lovecraftian tinge…

in ‘B’ format:

Natasha PulleyThe Bedlam Stacks strange adventures in 19thC  Peru, searching for botanical specimens! Loved the hardcover last year.
Christina HenryThe Mermaid rumours of the perfect sideshow exhibit reach P. T. Barnam…
Rebecca JamesThe Woman in the Mirror after the War, Alice becomes a governess at remote Winterbourne in Cornwall; 70 years later Rachel is informed of the death of a previously unknown relative and she is requested to travel down to Cornwall…
Hailey EdwardsBone Driven part 2 of the Foundling series, sequel to Bayou Born

Stephen DonaldsonSeventh Decimate 1st part of The Great God’s War, a new epic fantasy series

Gavin ChaitOur Memory Like Dust set in a near future North Africa and a companion volume to Lament for the Fallen. Another h/c favorite of mine from last year!
Marina J. LostetterNoumenon deep into humanity’s 1st multi-ship voyage to another star all the ships are crewed by clones of the original crew!
Rob BoffardAdrift Sigma Station, an exotic space hotel, is suddenly destroyed, stranding or killing everyone
Daniel GodfreyThe Synapse Sequence in the near future, Ais, bots and drones do everything but the controlling algorithms aren’t always fair…

art, etc:

J. A. W. CooperFamiliars softcover; sketches of witches and their familiars. Some colour
J. A. W. CooperFlora & Fauna sketches of mainly animals, with some plants
J. A. W. CooperViscera slightly more violent sketches of animals and humans

Mike Mignola & Gary GianniHellboy: Into the Silent Sea – Studio Edition large h/c with all the b&w art highlighted, with the comic’s text and editorial comments alongside instead of obscuring the art. Looks great!

MoebiusInside Moebius Part 2 h/c from Humanoids of Moebius’ musings and art
Frederic Brremaud & Giovanni RiganoDaffodil Nosferatu’s vampire legions prepare to descend upon a quiet little town… Hardcover collecting issues 1 – 3 of the comic.


Heavy Metal – issue # 290

Illustrationissue Sixty with pieces on N. C. Wyeth, Frederic Varady & Gilbert Bundy


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