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New Titles – w/e 9th June 2018

in hard cover:

Christopher MooreNoir it’s the summer of ’47 and strange things have been seen in the sky. Sammy & Cheese (her surname name is Stilton!) are approached by the Airforce for some sensitive snooping…
Simon R. GreenNight Fall apparently a cross-over between his Secret Histories and Nightside series, making it nos. 12 & 14 respectively!
Jacqueline CareyStarless Khai has been raised from birth to protect the Princess Zariya

Travis S. TaylorBringers of Hell the 6th in his Tau Ceti Agenda series

Jim ButcherBrief Cases a dozen short stories from The Dresden Files

J. R. R. TolkienThe Hobbit Facsimile Gift Set a tray/box which has a lenticular (3-D) version of the classic cover on it & in the tray is a replica of the unrevised 1937 1st edition, a cd with JRRT reading extracts, a map (with hidden moon runes on it) and more!

in large format:

Dominic DulleyShattermoon volume 1 of The Long Game. Orry screws up one of har father’s cons by fleeing off-planet with an artifact that may have belonged to the aliens who used to inhabit the shattered moon, the remnants of which are still orbiting the planet…

Lilith SaintcrowAfterwar as a 2nd Civil War winds down in the USA, the hunt is on for a war criminal who holds dangerous secrets which could re-ignite the conflict…
K. R. RichardsonBlood Orbit a rookie policeman is transferred to a distant planet to help investigate a mas murder…

Seanan McGuireSparrow Hill Road 1st in the new Ghost Roads series, about a hit & run victim trying to track down the man who killed her in order to retain his immortality…
Roger TaylorThe Keep you did your job and didn’t ask what was going on when you worked at the remote, mysterious Keep
Joe R. Lansdale & Kasey LansdaleTerror is Our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors collecting all 8 of the PI’s strange cases

Philip K. Dick5 Great Novels fat volume with argueably his five best novels: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Martian Time-Slip, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Ubik & A Scanner Darkly

in ‘B’ format:

Daryl GregorySpoonbenders complex novel about a family of semi-retired showground magicians, whose powers may or may not be real. I really enjoyed the h/c last year…

Alex MarshallA War in Crimson Embers the 3rd book in The Crimson Empire series, earlier titles were A Crown for Cold Silver & A Blade of Black Steel
Cameron JohnstonThe Traitor God after 10 years away, Edrin returns home to avenge his friend’s brutal death and no sorcery, daemons or gods will stop him…
Jess RichardsCity of Circles when her circus visits the magical city of Matryoshka, Danu stays behind to try to uncover the secrets in her past…
Vivian ShawStrange Practice Dr. Greta Helsing tends to the London undead and their various peculiar ailments but things are changing…
Bryan CampThe City of Lost Fortunes in chaotic post-Katrina New Orleans Jude has retired but still has the gift of finding missing objects; drawn back into things, can he use his ability to find the murderer of the Fortune god…

Jack CampbellAscendant  2nd volume in his Genesis Fleet series, set in the universe of The Lost Fleet series…
Michael TolkinNK3 a weaponised microbe has destroyed the memories and identities of almost all humankind and the few uninfected left in the remnants of civilisation rule it all!
Amber RoyerFree Chocolate in the far future chocolate is Earth’s only worthwhile export! Looks fun!

Rob BoffardOuter Earth omnibus containing the Tracer, Zero-G & Impact trilogy, about a failing orbital habitat which harbours the last few thousand humans

Warhammer 40,000 The Last Hunt featuring the White Scars, a Space Marine Chapter. Written by Robbie MacNiven

Lea TaylorMidlothian Folk Tales two dozen stories set in and around Edinburgh…

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonDevil’s Due the 12th Destroyermen adventure, about a WW2 destroyer crew in an alternate universe

art, etc:

Dougal DixonAfter Man new h/c edition of his 1981 classic showing how (and the why) various yet-to-evolve new species might look
Mark P. WittonRecreating an Age of Reptiles 90+ full colour up-to-date paintings of dinosaurs, early mammels, etc. with notes on aspects of their creation and rendering.

Kevin J. Anderson & Neil PeartClockwork Lives steampunk flavoured full colour h/c graphic novel conceived by Neil Peart of Canadian rock group Rush


Graphite – issue # 7 new issue of the concept drawing magazine


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