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New Titles – w/e 2nd June 2018

in hardcover:

Catherynne M. ValenteSpace Opera humans have reached the stars and discovered that influence and position can be gained by competing in the once-a-Cycle Metagalactic Grand Prix…
Greg EganPhoresis one of a pair of twin planets is dying, and it’s people hope that migration to it’s unknown companion may save them…

in large format:

Sarah GaileyAmerican Hippo alternate history omnibus containing the novellas River of Teeth & Taste of Marrow with 2 more short stories, all about the hippo ranching business in the swamps of the American South!
Yahtzee CroshawJam the Apocalypse will be a lot… stickier… than anyone prepared for!

Duncan Lunan (editor) – Starfield re-issue of the 1989 anthology of 17 Scottish science fiction stories, published this time around by the Shoreline of Infinity team.

David RoweThe Proverbs of Middle-Earth strange as news from Bree!

Mur LaffertyI Should Be Writing subtitled ‘A Writer’s Workshop‘ and written by the award winning podcaster and author

in ‘B’ format:

Peter WattsThe Freeze-Frame Revolution when only a tiny proportion of deep-sleep passengers are awake at any one time, how can they plan anything? Especially without the controlling AI knowing!
Ian McDonaldTime Was two people, presumed dead during WW2, are adrift in time and try to find each other by leaving clues in books, plays, etc…

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.Assassin’s Price the 11th volume of the Imager Portfolio
Hailey EdwardsBone Driven the sequel to Bayou Born and part 2 of her Foundling series…
Deborah HarknessA Discovery of Witches Diana discovers a rare manuscript about alchemy in the Bodlian Library stacks and wants nothing to do with it. But it’s too late, and strange beings are stirring! Volume 1 of her All Souls trilogy

Star Trek: PrometheusThe Root of All Rage the 2nd novel set on the USS Prometheus in the same era as ST: The Original Series. Written by Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg

art, etc:

The Art of Jim Starlin: A Life in Words and Pictures large, heavily illustrated hardcover
Simon Grenan, Roger Sabin & Julian WaiteMarie Duval hardcover collecting the work of this Victorian cartoonist & illustrator
Frank QuietlyDrawings & Sketches small h/c with b&w and colour sketches and drawings

M. Alice LeGrowBizenghast: Falling Into Fear hardcover, with 2 dozen little removable colour posters in plastic sleeves and a dozen pages of stickers

David Munoz, Tirso & Javi MontesWhispers in the Walls horror story set in a children’s hospital in Czeckoslovakia in 1949. From Humanoids
Giovanni Gualdoni, Gabriele Clima, Matteo Piana & Davide TurottiThe Ring of the Seven Worlds softcover. Steampunk fantasy from Humanoids
Daniel LieskeThe Wormwood Saga brightly coloured little fantasy adventure. Softcover

Bernard Seret & Julien SoleSharks small h/c all about sharks! One of several titles in IDW’s new The Little Book of Knowledge series

Evan DorkinMilk and Cheese b&w collection of the comic, which ran from 1989 – 2000. Softcover

Tentacle Kitty: Coloring Book with b&w drawings by 8 artists, from Dark Horse


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