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New Titles – w/e 19th May 2018

in hardcover:

Mark LawrenceGrey Sister sequel to recent paperback Red Sister and volume 2 of his Book of the Ancestor series
Joanne M. HarrisThe Testament of Loki sequel to Runemarks and Runelight

in large format:

Thomas WelshAnna Undreaming a student discovers she is an ‘undreamer’ and must confront a community of ‘Dreamers’ with evil intentions… Author is from Glasgow, so not quite local!

TTA Press/Andy Cox (editor) – Crimewave 13 a dozen new stories in an attractive looking anthology
Robert C. PoytonRemnants collection subtitled Tales of Fenland Horror & Hauntings the author’s 3 major influences are apparently M. R. James, H. P. Lovecraft and the fens of East Anglia!

Robert Cowley (editor) – What If?  book of essays by military historians about key moments and battles throughoiut history and how things might have changed…

in ‘B’ format:

E. M. BrownBuying Time interesting looking time travel novel by a slightly re-branded Eric Brown!
Angela SlatterCorpse Light sequel to Vigil; Verity Fassbinder vol 2, about the Weyrd Council‘s Brisbane agent…
G. S. DenningMy Grave Ritual the 3rd Warlock Holmes case

Brian McClellanWrath of Empire epic fantasy sequel to Sins of Empire

Scott OdenA Gathering of Ravens in the year 999 Grimnir, the last of the Skraelings, makes his way from Scandinavia to the Viking town of Dubhlinn seeking vengence…
Mark AdlerSon of the Night it’s the eve of the battle of Crecy in Banners of Blood vol 2, the sequel to Son of the Morning
Cynthia MassonThe Flaw in the Stone the sequel, and part 2, of The Alchemist’s Council

Warhammer40,000Ghost Warrior by Gav Thorpe. Part 1 of Rise of the Ynnari
Warhammer: Age of SigmarOverlords of the Iron Dragon C. L. Werner‘s latest adventure…

Isaac AsimovThe Complete Robot re-issue of the omnibus containg I, Robot, The Rest of th Robots, and other robot stories. New cover; one of a batch of Asimov re-issues

Michael Andre-DdiussiJack Vance: Seven Articles on his Work and Travels slim book looking at various aspects of JV’s writing and life. The main pieces are an attempt to map out a loose ‘future history’ (as the author did in his Handbook of Vance Space) and a look at The Blue World. The New Prime, Sjambek, and other works also feature in the other essays…

in paperback:

Larry CorreiaMonster Hunter: Siege the 6th in the main Monster Hunter series, excluding the MH Memoirs & the MH Files anthology

art, etc:

3dtotal PublishingCreating Stylized Characters latest in their series of books on art technique
Rosemary MoscoBirding Is My Favorite Video Game little colour collection of fun nature centred cartoons taken from the Bird and Moon webcomic about birdwatching, etc.


F. A. Steel  – English Fairy Tales nice little hardcover with versions of various fairy tales re-crafted by Steel and first published in 1918. Illustration both in b&w and colour by Arthur rackham.

Antoine De Saunt Exupery The Little Prince similar to the little h/c copy I usually stock, but with the illustrations in full colour instead of b&w!


Interzone – # 275 cover date May/June
Black Static – # 63 featuring a novella by Steven J. Dines (who also has a novelette in the new Interzone as well!)


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