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New Titles – w/e 18th March 2018

in hardcover:

Paolo Bacigalupi & Tobias BuckellThe Tangled Lands in the crumbling empire, every use of magic corrupts the ecology just a little bit more… yet the last, great city is ruled by a master Majister
Kim WilkinsOdin’s Girl on discovering who she is, Sara is set a series of challenges by the Norse God…

Doctor WhoThe Day She Saved the Doctor 4 novellas from 4 different authors, about 4 different Companions: Sarah Jane, Rose, Clara & Bill

in large format:

Jen WilliamsThe Bitter Twins sequel to The Ninth Rain and part 2 of The Winnowing Flame Trilogy
Robert V. S. Redick Master Assassins 1st book of his new series, The Fire Sacraments. 2 brothers are mistaken for professional killers and must flee into the desert…

in ‘B’ format:

Kim Stanley RobinsonNew York 2140 climate change 120 years from now. One of his best, imho.
Annalee NewitzAutonomous post climate-change cyberpunk-ish novel. Very good.
Jeff VandermeerBorne ‘new weird’ novel set in a ruined future city, from the author of The Southern Reach Trilogy
Ada Palmer – Too Like the Lightning  1st book of Terra Ignota, set in 2454

Andrzej SapkowskiThe Lady of the Lake the 7th volume of The Witcher series, which began with The Last Wish. Translated by David French
Aliette De BodardThe House of Binding Thorns sequel to The The Home of Shattered Wings
Deborah A. Wolf – The Dragon’s Legacy
the singers of the magic song that keeps the Earth Dragon asleep are becoming fewer every year…
Anna StevensGodblind minor skirmishes have plagued the border reaches for years, but now the ruler of one of the Kingdoms is distracted. Now might be the chance for the other to seize the advantage…
Kristen BritainFirebrand her 6th Green Rider novel

Patricia BriggsBurn Bright the 5th Alpha & Omega novel
Ben AaronovitchThe Furthest Station a new Peter Grant novella
Max PorterGrief is the Thing With Feathers a recently bereaved father and his two sons are visited by Crow, who gives them Hope, among other things…

Ben H. WintersCountdown City & World of Trouble the sequels to The Last Policeman

Warhammer 40,000The Magos 700 pages of all the short stories with a new novel featuring Gregor Eisenhorn, written by Dan Abnett

Polly Faber & Clara DulliamyMango & Bambang: Superstar Tapir m4 more illustrated short stories about a friendly but clumsy tapir living in the big city!

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireTricks for Free the 7th InCryptid adventure

art, etc:

Martha H. KennedyDrawn to Purpose subtitled American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists serious h/c appreciation of women in comics, etc.

Magnetic PressRobot Envy: Zenith hardcover of robot art in all styles from 64 different artists
Ibraham Swaid & Joumana Ismail (editors) – Epilogue hardback subtitled Illustration and Concept Art of the Middle East. Mainly in colour; some very nice illos.

MoebiusInside Moebius somewhat autobiographical h/c graphic novel from Humanoids, which also features some of his best known characters
Jerry Frissen & Philippe ScoffoniExo epic science fiction graphic novel in h/c from Humanoids

Jiro TaniguchiA Distant Neighbourhood a businessman finds himself back in his home town, reliving his life as a young teenager… Mainly b&w hardcover


Interzoneissue # 274 with a cover by Vince Haig
Black Staticissue # 62 with cover art by Jim Burns

Heavy Metalissue # 289 a Sci-Fi Special issue


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