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New Titles – w/e 18th February 2018

in hardcover:

W. Michael GearOutpost it should be a rich planet but the colony has collapsed and only the town of Donovan has any laws anymore. And then a Corporation ship arrives in orbit to check on progress…
Myke ColeThe Armored Saint the Order ensures that no magician lives who might inadvertently bring disaster down on the world… Part 1 of The Sacred Throne Trilogy
Nick Clark WindoThe Feed despite their best efforts, 6 years after civilisation collapses, their young daughter goes missing…

Zoe GilbertFolk the strange lives and times of the inhabitants of remote Neverness

in large format:

Charles DeLintThe Wind in His Heart a new Newford novel! (Well, one of the characters comes from there… It’s mainly set in the American South West)
E. J. SwiftParis Adrift trying to escape from the Chronometrist, Haillie stumbles on a time portal and is soon on a wild adventure…

Mishell BakerPhantom Pains sequel to Borderline and the 2nd in the Arcadia Project series about an alternate Hollywood with magic
Jin YongA Hero Born historical fantasy set in 12th C China…
James MaxeyCut Up Girl Lawless #1
Jane LindskoldAsphodel portal fantasy

Steve Propusch, Christopher Sqqueira & Bryce Stevens (editors) – Cthulhu Down Under volume 1 anthology of 10 stories featuring Lovecraftian goings-on in Australia!

in ‘B’ format:

Gareth L. PowellEmbers of War a sentient warship eschews fighting and joins a search & rescue group helping to find lost spaceships…

R. J. BarkerBlood of Assassins sequel to Age of Assassins; part 2 of The Wounded Kingdom
Marcus HeitzThe Triumph of the Dwarves the 5th of the ‘Dwarf‘ books…
David HairEmpress of the Fall the 1st volume of The Sunsurge Quartet. The Rondian Empire is on the brink of a civil war…
Jordanna M. BrodskyOlympus Bound Selene has been living quietly in New York but an evil cult forces her to resume her true identity as Artemis, the Huntress! Vol 3.

J. G. BallardExtreme Metaphors fat collection of 44 interviews with the late author dating from 1967 to 2008

in paperback:

Michelle SagaraGrave vol 3 of The Queen of the Dead series

art, etc:

Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer & Erin HumistonCalla Cthulhu collecting the 1st 4 issues of the comic about Cthulhu’s daughter and her efforts to get a summer job and apply for college…


Brian AldissHelliconia Spring budget 2 disc mp3 complete recording. 18 hours long, performed by Christopher Slade!


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