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New Titles – w/e 11th February 2018

in hardcover:

Robert DinsdaleThe Toy Makers in London, during WW!, a young run-a-way finds a job in a wonderful toyshop…

Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff1637: The Volga Rules the latest novel in Flint’s long-running Ring of Fire / 1632 series
Matt HaigHow to Stop Time Tom is a history teacher, teaching what he knows, because he’s a lot older than he looks!
Katherine ClementsThe Coffin Path ghost story set high on the Yorkshire moors…

in large format:

Lucas K. Law & Derwin Mak (editors) – Where the Stars Rise sf&f anthology with 23 new stories from Asian writers…

Jack CampbellBlood of Dragons volume 2 of The Legacy of Dragons

Star Trek: DiscoveryDrastic Measures  original novel by Dayton Ward set on the USS Discovery, approx 10 years before the classic Star Trek with Captain Kirk begins…

Antoine De Saint-ExuperyThe Little Prince softcover, translated by Gregory Norminton (I usually stock a small h/c translated by Ros & Chloe Schwartz)

in ‘B’ format:

Ian McDonaldLuna: Wolf Moon 2nd in the series that began with Luna: New Moon, a modern take on the future development of the moon…
Elizabeth MoonInto the Fire vol 2 of Vatta’s Peace, the continuation of the Vatta’s War quintet
Alex LambExodus sequel to Nemesis, about a sentient hive-mind of AIs
Alastair ReynoldsSlow Bullets relatively short novel set in the closing days of an interstellar war…
Sam PetersFrom Darkest Skies a man re-locates to a distant planet for a new start but still wants to build an AI to imitate his dead wife…

Dana Fredsti & David FitzgeraldTime Shards the Earth’s timeline is completely mixed up, with patches of every time jumbled up together…

Laura LamShattered Minds sequel to False Hearts. Signed copies available on request
Sarah Maria GriffinSpare and Found Parts in a ruined city where everybody needs bio-mechanical limbs, Nell looks normal, except that she ticks…

Anthony RyanThe Legion of Flame book 2 of The Dragonis Memoria, following on from The Waking Fire
David MealingSoul of the World chaos is coming! Book 1 of epic fantasy series The Ascension Cycle
Robert Jackson BennettCity of Miracles 3rd in the series, after City of Stairs & City of Blades
Anna Smith SparkThe Court of Broken Knives 1st volume of the Empires of Dust series, set in the decadent capital of a great Empire…
Kate MilfordThe Broken Lands prequel of sorts to her YA novel Boneshaker. Magical goings-on in Coney Island, New York in 1872

Warhammer 40,000Dark Imperium novel by Guy Haley
Warhammer 40,000Lucius: The Faultless Blade novel by Ian St. Martin

in paperback:

Larry Correia & John RingoSinners 2nd in the Monster Hunter Memoirs series, the 8th Monster Hunter novel overall…
Alex WellsBlood Binds the Pack 3rd in the off-planet sf series that began with Hunger Makes the Wolf.
Gini KochAliens Abroad  the 16th in the series that began with Touched by an Alien

Anne BishopEtched In Bone 5th of The Novels of the Others series that began with Written in Red

Lincoln ChildFull Wolf Moon Logan suspects it wasn’t a bear that killed the hiker during a full moon!

Kate MilfordGreenglass House the Innkeeper’s son, Milo, hoped to relax over the winter holidays but a series of unexpected guests arrive at the old smugglers inn…
Kate MilfordThe Left Handed Fate set in 1812, at the height of the Napoleonic Wars!

art, etc:

Larry Verstraete & Julius Csotonyi‘Dinosaurs’ of the Deep heavily-illustrated hardback about the sea & ocean-based creatures that existed at the same time as the true dinosaurs…


Character Design QuarterlyCDQ #3
Graphite – issue #6


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