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New titles – w/e 17th December 2017

in ‘B’ format:

K. J. ParkerThe Two of Swords: volume three final book of the trilogy

Dave HutchinsonAcadie the original colonists fled to hide from Earth but now their descendants are about to be discovered…
Gerard Cowan The Machinery looks after humanity but has always prophesied that it will break down in 10,000 years. And that time is now!
Deji Bryce Olukotun
After the Flare a massive solar flare knocks out power grids world wide and leaves Nigeria with the only workable space launch facility  -and it’s needed urgently!

Warhammer 40,000Primogenitor novel by Josh Reynolds featuring renegade Fabius Bile

art, etc:

Dave BreretonIn the Night Studio full colour hardcover

Gumby Graphic Novel # 1: 50 Shades of Clay new Gumby stories! From Papercutz

Pierre Christin & Jean-Claude MezieresValerian: The Complete Collection volume 2 contains The Land Without Stars, Welcome to Alflolol & Birds of the Master plus interviews, etc.
Pierre Christin & Jean-Claude MezieresValerian: The Complete Collection volume 3 with Ambassadors of the Shadows, On the False Earths & Heroes of the Equinox. Also essays, interviews, etc.
Full colour hardcovers like volume 1. Volume 4 is due in Spring.


Heavy Metal issue # 288 subtitled The Weird Issue


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