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New Titles – w/e 5th November 2017

in hardcover:

Adrian TchaikovskyDogs of War Rex is a 7 foot tall genetically engineered guard, one of  4 different creatures which comprise a Multiform Assault Pack based in anarchic S.E. Mexico…
Chris BeckettAmerica City a century on, climate change is re-shaping the USA and young publicist Holly joins the team trying to elect a Senator who has some new ideas for saving America…

Mark LawrenceRoad Brothers collection of 14 Tales from the Broken Empire

V. E. SchwabA Darker Side of Magic nice new Collector’s Edition

Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editor) – Infinite Stars billed on the front cover as The Definitive Anthology of Space Opera and Military SF, with a mix of reprints and new fiction from the likes of Weber, Moon, Bujold, Gannon & Drake

in large format:

Robert Charles WilsonLast Year in the near future, a permanent link has been established with the past and a growing, modern waystation is established in the mid-West during President Grant’s term of office…
Malka OlderInfomocracy world politics has switched from State organised to global micro-democracy but not everybody is happy at the re-distribution of power…

in ‘B’ format:

Tom TonerThe Weight of the World sequel to The Promise of the Child & the 2nd in his Amaranthine Spectrum series
Stephen BaxterThe Massacre of Mankind authorised sequel to the classic The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells.
Ezekiel BooneSkitter the world is devastated, and hordes of flesh-eating spiders roam the cities…
Lila Bowen – Malice of Crows 3rd of The Shadow books. To stop the Alchemist, Rhett must establish a new Rangers station…
Addison Gunn – Dispersal the 2nd of the Extinction Biome novels
Chris Farnsworth – Hunt You Down John Smith usually tacks down killers, but now he’s the target…
George Mann – Ghosts of Empire 4th of his Ghost novels…
Jerome K. Jerome, Barry Pain & Robert BarrThree Men in the Dark 25 short stories, including 6 by JKJ plus a ’round-robin’ tale he contributed a chapter to.

Brian AldissCryptozoic SF Masterworks edition of his 1967 ‘time travel’ novel…

Alastair Reynolds Aurora Rising previously published as The Prefect


in paperback:

David WeberAt the Sign of Triumph his 9th Safehold novel
Eric Flint – 1635: The Ottoman Onslaught the latest in the Ring of Fire / 1632 series…

Tim PrattThe Wrong Stars a revived survivor found in a derelict spaceship wreck reveals news of First Contact with an alien species… but she’s been in stasis for decades and her rescuers are not impressed. Until it transpires that it’s not the same aliens that they’ve met!

William ForstchenThe Final Day the 3rd in post-apocalypse the set that began with One Second After
K. C. Alexander – Nanoshock sequel to Necrotech
Michael McBrideSubhuman remnants of an impossibly ancient civilisation are discovered under the Antarctic ice…
Nicholas Sansbury SmithExtinction Aftermath the 6th in the Extinction series, which started with Extinction Horizon

art, etc:

China Mieville & Zak SmithThe Worst Breakfast children’s picture book all about breakfast! Hardcover.


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