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New Titles – w/e 7th October 2017

in hardcover:

Ann LeckieProvenance to restore her position, Ingray must first free the thief who stole some invaluable artifacts from her people – but he’s on an impregnable prison planet…

Annalee NewitzAutonomous in the future, Jack manufactures cheap but illegal drugs to help the poor but the latest one is faulty and the authorities (well, one agent and his indentured robot) are on her trail…

Walter Jon WilliamsQuillifer vol 1 of a new fantasy series…
Graham MastertonThe Coven when 7 girls disappear their one time benefactor claims they were a coven of witches…
Doctor WhoTales of Terror a dozen short stories, one for each Doctor!
Christopher FowlerThe Book of Forgotten Authors 99 chapters, most focusing on a single, now little known author. Looks fascinating, even if I haven’t even heard of most of them!

Ben AaronovitchThe Furthest Station a new Peter Grant novella

J. K. RowlingThe Prisoner of Azkaban volume 3 of the large, heavily illustrated editions of the Harry Potter series

Patrick RothfussThe Name of the Wind very nice 10th Anniversary edition of the 1st of his Kingkiller Chronicles

in large format:

Annalee NewitzAutonomous in the future, Jack manufactures cheap but illegal drugs to help the poor but the latest one is faulty and the authorities (well, one agent and his indentured robot) are on her trail…

K. Arsenault RiveraThe Tiger’s Daughter the Empire is corrupt and failing with demons overrunning remote villages but 2 warriors may are willing to attempt to tackle them…

Charles Yu (editor) – The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017 annual anthology of the best short fiction of the year
Peter S. Beagle (editor) – The New Voices of Fantasy 19 of the best stories from the last half dozen years…

in ‘B’ format:

Gavin Smith The Bastard Legion in 400 year’s time, criminals are kept asleep in orbiting spaceships and rehabilitated by sharing a VR environment… but now one of the ships has been stolen
Jane O’ReillyBlue Shift volume 1 of the Second Species trilogy. To survive, humans must first travel though alien held space…

Cixin LiuThe Wandering Earth short story collection from the author of The Three Body Problem

Katherine ArdenThe Bear and the Nightingale in a remote Russian village people think the creatures in the old tales are myths, but Vasya knows better – she can see them lurking close by!
Kim NewmanOne Thousand Monsters the latest Anno Dracula novel…
Stephen AryanMage Born the 1st of the Age of Dread books, which continue on from the events in his Age of Darkness trilogy
Brandon SandersonArcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection 9 short stories, etc. linked to his Stormlight Archive books
Jeannette HgUnder the Pendulum Sky Catherine’s brother has gone missing whilst spreading the Gospel; not in darkest Africa, but in the lands of the Fae!
Alison LittlewoodThe Hidden People investigating his cousin’s death, Albie heads for the picture postcard village of Halfoak…
Simon MordenThe White City sequel to Down Station, in which a varied group of people fled a fire to a strange new world…
Eric Scott FischlThe Trials of Solomon Parker sequel to weird western Dr. Potter’s Medicine Show
Anna CaltabianoThe Day before Forever 2nd sequel to time travel novel The Seventh Miss Hatfield

David WongWhat the Hell Did I Just Read 3rd novel in the series which started with John Dies at the End

Roger ZelaznyDoorways in the Sand a precious alien artifact has disappeared… reprint of the classic 1976 novel

Bernard CapesThe Black Reaper collection of this Victorian author’s Tales of Terror

Warhammer 40,000Calgar’s Fury adventure & battle by Paul Kearney

in paperback:

Ben BovaApes and Angels a huge wave of radiation is set to wipe out life on many planets and a fleet of Earth ships is sent to try to help various alien species survive…
Jacey BedfordNimbus the 3rd Psi-Tech novel
Nicholas Sansbury SmithHell Divers humanity lives on giant airships above a devastated world, sending down crews to scavenge the ruins to keep their ships aloft…

James BeckerThe Templar Brotherhood 3rd in the series of present day ancient srtifact thrillers

L. E. Modesitt, jr. – Treachery’s Tools the 10th volume of the Imager Portfolio
Marshall Ryan MarescaThe Imposters of Aventil the 3rd of his Novels of Maradaine

Forgotten RealmsHero the 3rd in R. A. Salvatore‘s Homecoming set

Herbert van Thal (editor) – The Pan Book of Horror Stories new edition of the very first Pan Book of Horror

art, etc:

3DTotal PublishingMasters of Sketching lessons and tips from 20 different artists

magazines, etc:

Character Design Quarterlyissue # 1 new magazine about all aspects of, um, character design!
Graphiteissue # 4 concept drawing, illustration & urban sketching


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