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New Titles – w/e 24th June 2017

in hardcover:

Zachery MasonVoid Star in a flooded near future, people need interpreters to fully understand their AIs…

large format:

Shirley JohnsonThe Water War: Episode 1 America’s water supply has been rendered mostly undrinkable by various bacteria, algae and worse, and as society collapses people have to take matters into their own hands…

T. A. PrattClosing Doors the final Marla Mason adventure…
John ShirleyLovecraft Alive: A Collection of Lovecraftian Stories 10 stories of which only 4, I think, have been in books I’ve stocked previously…
Tanith LeeThe Weird Tales of Tanith Lee literally the 28 stories she had published in the magazine Weird Tales

in ‘B’ format:

Yoon Ha Lee – Raven Stratagem the sequel to Nine Fox Gambit and volume 2 of Machineries of Empire
Wendy N. WagnerAn Oath of Dogs Kate has a new job on an alien forest planet but her boss may have been murdered and the mill is being sabotaged, possibly in co-operation with the dog-like native aliens
Jay PoseySungrazer sequel to Outriders, about a new Cold War between Earth and her colonies…
Daniel GodfreyEmpire of Time time travel and a new city of Pompeii
Karin Tidbeck – Amatka Vanja is sent on an info-gathering trip to a strange, wintry colony, where very different philosophies and lifestyles are being pursued…
Sarah Gailey – River of Teeth
alternate history set some years after the US imports hippos to the Louisiana swamps as an alternative food source! (This was a real proposal!)
William Dietrich – The Trojan Icon the 8th Ethan Gage adventure, mainly set in the Russian Empire and eastern Europe

Tom HoltThe Management Style of the Supreme Beings his latest surreal fantasy!
Paul MagrsFellowship of Ink The Smudgelings are a group of writers who meet regularly to discuss their various works, but all their talk of fantasy is affecting the fabric of Space/Time…

Angus WatsonYou Die When You Die part 1 of a new epic fantasy, West of West

Dana FredstiThe Spawn of Lilith set in the dark, non-human corners of the Hollywood film industry…
Michael PrescottThe Street the protagonist finds himself reliving three days of his 1970s childhood

in paperback:

Elizabeth HaydonThe Weaver’s Lament the 9th in her Symphony of Ages series

Nicholas Sainsbury SmithExtinction Edge sequel to Extinction Horizon, set in the devastated aftermath of a global bio-weapon being used…

Star Trek Enigma Tales the latest Deep Space Nine adventure, written by Una McCormack

The Horus LegacyEye of Terra the latest volume of short stories, edited by Laurie Goulding

art, etc:

Shichigoro-ShingoThe Art of Shichigoro reminiscent of both Giger & Ian Miller

Socar MylesFantasy Art Drawing Skills comprehensive guide from Barron’s

Harry Potter – Houses of Hogwarts: Cinematic Guide lots of movie stills and  brief descriptions of the Houses, their main pupils and Heads of House
Ruth McEnergy Stuart & Albert Bigelow PaineGobolinks or Shadow-Pictures for Young and Old non-illustrated booklet describing various inkblots for use in a Victorian-era parlour game (pre-dating their use in the Rorschach Test)


Locus – issue # 677 June cover date. With news of various Awards and Forthcoming Books


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