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New Titles – w/e 21st January 2017

in hardcover:

Stephen BaxterThe Massacre of Mankind authorised sequel to The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. The Martians launch another Invasion but both sides have learnt a few lessons from the first invasion!
Carrie VaughnMartians Abroad Polly wants to be a starship pilot but finds herself sent to an Earthside academy with her brother instead…

John ScalziMiniatures small short story collection from Subterranean Press. Signed & numbered limited edition

in large format:

Charles StrossEmpire Games the 1st volume of a new series, following on from the Merchant Princes set. Signed copies available…

Paul CrilleyDepartment Zero Harry had a job cleaning up crime scenes, which sent him inadvertently into various alternate worlds trying to defeat a Cult and get his job back…
Elle Katherine WhiteHeartstone Aliza and the other villagers raise the money to hire a band of dragonriders to hunt down a horde of gryphons who have sacked the village…

in ‘B’ format:

K. M. McKinleyThe City of Ice sequel to The Iron Ship. The various members of the Kressind family pursue their differing aims, including the expedition to the ice-bound Southern lands… Volume 2 of The Gates of the World
James A. MooreThe Last Sacrifice part 1 of his new Tides of War series; Brogan’s family has been chosen by the Gods’ immortal servants as sacrifices to the Gods…  That may have been a mistake!
Alex MarshallA Blade of Black Steel sequel to A Crown for Cold Silver and part 2 of The Crimson Empire

Amanda BouchetA Promise of Fire the 1st of The Kingmaker Chronicles. Rebellion and civil war are about to erupt and Cat knows she can’t hide as a circus performer for much longer…
Vic JamesGilded Cage Britain’s aristocracy still rule through magic, which enables them to demand 10 years of service from all commoners… part 1 of The Dark Gifts trilogy

Shanna GermainThe Poison Eater Talia has escaped the Vordcha and risen to a high post in the city of Enthrait. But her past is catching up with her… Based on the Numenera role playing game


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