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New Titles – w/e 2nd July 2016

in hardcover:

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Cosmos the 5th and final book in their Long Earth series.

Larry Niven & Steven BarnesThe Seascape Tattoo their latest collaboration in The Magic Goes Away series
Claudia Christian & Morgan Grant BuchananGladiator the 1st novel in their Wolf’s Empire series, about a Galactic Roman Empire

Stephen DonaldsonThe Augur’s Gambit the portents show that the kingdom of Indemmie is doomed, but Gordian the Augur has a plan… Novella
Stephen DonaldsonThe King’s Justice a stranger arrives in a remote village on the trail of a terrible crime… Novella

in large format:

Jenna BlackDescendant: The Complete Nikki Glass Series omnibus collecting 4 novels and Pros and Cons, a 70 page novella previously only available as a e-book

in ‘B’ format:

Jack McDevittThunderbird sequel to 1996’s Ancient Shores, although no particular knowledge of that book is required to enjoy this one. An ancient stargate has been discovered on a Native American reservation and plans are afoot to explore and exploit it! (The previous book told of the events leading to it’s discovery)
Melinda SnodgrassThe High Ground part 1 of The Imperials Saga the Emperor’s daughter is admitted to the Solar League’s elite military academy, and she must graduate…
Walter TevisThe Man Who Fell to Earth the latest SF Masterwork from Orion. 1st published in 1963

Cynthea MassonThe Alchemists’ Council Jaden is a new Initiate tasked with helping to maintain the elemental balance. But is the Rebel Branch he fights against the real enemy?
Alyc HelmsThe Conclave of Shadow sequel to The Dragons of Heaven
Christina HenryRed Queen Alice’s adventures are stranger and more dangerous than in Lewis Carroll‘s story!

Richard KadreyThe Perdition Score the 8th Sandman Slim novel…

David A. Goodman (editor) – The Autobiography of James T. Kirk Star Trek from the iconic captain’s point of view!

in paperback:

David Weber & Timothy ZahnA Call to Duty the 1st in the Manticore Ascendant, set in Weber’s Honorverse
Michael Z. WilliamsonA Long Time Until Now a US army patrol in Afghanistan discovers itself one of several groups from across history now stranded in prehistoric times…

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildCrimson Shore the 15th Agent Pendergast case, as he investigates strangenesses possibly connected to the Salem Witch Trials

L. E. Modesitt, jr.Haze and The Hammer of Darkness omnibus edition of 2 of his stand-alone SF novels. The mysterious planet Haze is protected by millions of nanotech satellites. And are the Gods really gods? Martin Martel battles to discover the truth. Modesitt’s 2nd novel, from 1985

Star TrekCaptain to Captain part 1 of Legacies, a special 50th Anniversary trilogy by Greg Cox

art, etc:

3dTotalPublishingMaster the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques very nice looking softcover with loads of full colour illustrations

Tony MillionaireDrinky Crow Drinks Again the latest collection of Maakies comic strips. Hardcover, b&w

Phillippe Thirault,  Marc Males & Mario JanniThousand Faces hardcover fom Humanoids collecting all 5 albums of the Wild West adventure story. Full colour
Kurt Busiek, Mario Alberti, Sam Timel & BazalRedhand: Twilight of the Gods full colour fantasy adventure from Humanoids. Softcover
Michelangelo La Neve & Marco NizzoliDay of the Magicians now in softcover
Alexandre JodorowskyScreaming Planet now in softcover

Fritz LeiberFafhrd and the Gray Mauser: The Cloud of Hate and other stories softcover collecting the first 5 issues of the 1973 comic, Sword of Sorcery. Stories adapted by Dennis O’Neil, Howard Chaykin & Walter Simonson. Great art!


Locus – June cover date, issue # 665 Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling on the cover and the quarterly forthcoming books sections inside

Illustration – issue # 51 featuring John Gannam, Frank Walts and pulp art by C. B. Mayshark



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