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New Titles – w/e 4th June 2016

in hardcover:

Simon R. GreenDR. DOA the 10th in his Secret Histories series
Mercedes LackeyA Study in Sable the 11th in her Elemental Masters series

Malka Older Infomocracy in the future the world consists of global micro-democracies but politics can still get dirty

John Ringo & Gary Poole (editors) – Black Tide Rising a dozen stories set in Ringo’s zombie apocalypse world, by such authors as Eric Flint, John Scalzi, Sarah Hoyt and Ringo himself

in large format:

Danil O’MalleyStiletto the long-awaited further adventures of Myfanwy Thomas, which began in The Rook

Paul KruegerLast Call at the Nightshade Lounge Bailey learns to fight demons and monsters with magically mixed cocktails! Different drinks give a range of special powers to help…

David Afsharirad (editor) – The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF 20215 the 2nd annual collection, with a dozen stories

in ‘B’ format:

Iain PearsArcadia fascinating blend of fantasy and science fiction; one of my favourite books of last year, when the hardcover came out.
Neal StephensonSeveneves epic story of humanity’s survival after the Earth becomes uninhabitable

V. E. SchwabThis Savage Song the 1st Monsters of Verity novel. Two quite different people from opposite sides in a city where monsters are real…
Django WexlerThe Price of Valour the 3rd in his ‘black powder’ fantasy series, The Shadow Campaigns, which began with The Thousand Names
J. R. WardBlood Kiss part 1 of The Black Dagger Legacy romantic fantasy series
Rebecca AlexanderThe Secrets of Time and Fate cross-time fantasy set in the present day and in Dr. John Dee’s 16th Century England
Jenny T. ColganResistance is Futile a mathematician is recruited to a secret code-breaking project…

B. CatlingThe Vorrh on a distant planet, a soldier sets off to be the first human to cross a strange, apparently endless forest
Adrian J. WalkerThe End of the World Running Club Edgar is 500 miles from home when disaster strikes the world and he must get home as quickly as possible…

Gardner Dozois (editor) – Mash Up top authors contributes their own stories which use classic first sentences from other novels as their starting point!

Warhammer 40,000Adeptus Mechanicus omnibus edition of 2 of Rob Sanders‘ adventures, Skitarius & Tech-Priest
Warhammer 40,000The Plagues of Orath three short novels in the Space Marines Battles series; Plague Harvest by Cavan Scott, Engines of War by Steve Lyons & Armour of Faith by Graeme Lyon. Includes 4 page glossy colour insert

in paperback:

Simon R. GreenFrom a Drood to a Kill the 9th in his Secret Histories series
Victor Milan – The Dinosaur Lords chivalry, knights and all sorts of dinosaurs, either to be ridden to battle or hunted!
N. S. DolkartSilent Hall 5 refugees from a deadly plague take up a quest for magic strong enough to save themselves, and their wizard patron’s magic library…

Lincoln ChildThe Forgotten Room in a private estate on Rhode Island a deserted wing of a mansion may hold the answers to some strange events…
Chuck WendigZeroes several hackers & conspiracy theorists are forced into working for the Government but come across secrets even they can hardly believe…

art, etc:

Daniel WallaceWarcraft: Behind the Dark Portal subtitled ‘inside the epic new film‘. One half is full colour art and the history of the Alliance, flip it over and the other side does the same for the Horde.


Doctor WhoLegacy of Death Fourth Doctor adventure # 5.4 from Big Finish, featuring Tom Baker and Lalla Ward
Doctor Who And You Will Obey Me the latest Big Finish ( # 211) adventure featuring Peter Davidson


Game of ThronesPlaying Cards 2nd edition with new characters on the face cards

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