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New Titles – w/e 21st May 2016

in hardcover:

Stephen Baxter & Alastair ReynoldsThe Medusa Chronicles inspired by Arthur C. Clarke‘s A Meeting With Medusa, about exploring the atmosphere of Jupiter
Andrew BannisterCreation Machine in a corner of the Spin space empire, an enormous ancient engineering machine has been discovered, which could spell disaster!

China MievilleThree Moments of an Explosion: Stories 28 reasonably recent short stories

in large format:

Andrzej SapkokskiThe Tower of the Swallow the latest in the Witcher series that began with The Last Wish. Translated from Polish by David French
Ian Irvine
The Summon Stone the start of a new trilogy, The Gates of Good and Evil, again set in his Three Worlds background

Clark Ashton SmithA Vintage From Atlantis the 3rd of the 5 volume Collected Fantasies from Night Shade Books. Includes some his best known stories

Kenneth Hite & Kennon BaumanThe Cthulhu Wars illustrated alternate history subtitled ‘The United States’ Battles Against the Mythos’, which start back in the 16th C, apparently!
Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Nebula Awards Showcase 2016 the best of last year’s awards, not the recently announced ones

in ‘B’ format:

A. G. RiddleDeparture Flight 305 crash-lands, but nowhere they expected!

Paul McAuleyFairyland the latest of the SF Masterworks from Orion, originally published in 1995. Nanotech, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence…
Fred HoyleThree Classic Novels omnibus comprising Ossian’s Ride, October the First Is Too Late and Fifth Planet (co-written with Geoffrey Hoyle). A secretive economic miracle taking place in Ireland, time periods are all mixed up, and rival expeditions to one of a rogue star’s passing planets…

Thomas LigottiSongs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe collecting his 1st two horror short story collections in a Penguin Classics edition

in paperback:

Forgotten RealmsSpellstorm the 10th Sage of Shadowdale adventure, featuring Elminster the Mage; it is also the latest Dungeons and Dragons novel by Ed Greenwood


Interzone – # 264, cover date May – June
Black Static – # 52 cover date May – June


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