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New Titles – w/e 9th May 2016

in hardcover:

Neal AsherWar Factory volume 2 of the Transformation series, which began with Dark Intelligence
Sean DankerAdmiral an amnesiac awakes on an almost crewless, damaged spaceship and discovers that he’s in charge!

David B. CoeShadow’s Blade the 3rd of the Case Files of Justis Fearsson

Eric Flint (editor) – Ring of Fire IV the latest collection of stories and articles about Flint’s Ring of Fire/1632 universe

in large format:

Robert Charles WilsonAffinities in the near future, everybody can find their own ‘tribe’ that’s closer than family…
Jonathan Strahan (editor) – The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume Ten 27 of the best short stories from 2015
David Farland (editor) – Writers of the Future volume 32 twenty new authors, each with an illustration, and a 16 page full colour section at the back for their art competition

Matt Ruff – Set This House in Order re-stock of his multiple-personality novel. Each element of Andy’s personality is a different voice in his head…

Rhys HughesThirty Tributes to Calvino short story collection, inspired by Italo Calvino

in ‘B’ format:

James S. A. CoreyNemesis Games volume 5 of The Expanse. The Roci is in dock for repairs and the crew go their separate ways…
Jack CampbellShattered Spear the 4th in The Lost Stars sequence of The Lost Fleet series, the 15th overall
Jay PoseyOutriders Captain Lincoln has a sudden ‘promotion’ to head a deadly, and suicidal, intelligence group…
Andy McDermottThe Revelation Code the 11th Wilde & Chase novel

Django WexlerThe Palace of Glass the 3rd in his Forbidden Library series
S. E. GroveThe Glass Sentence a century ago in 1891 the World’s continents were all scattered through time. Now mapmaking and cartography are vital arts

Caspar HendersonThe Book of Barely Imagined Beings in the style of an old bestiary the author looks at strange, yet real, animals…

in paperback:

Ben BovaPower Surge near future political thriller about the future of the US power industry
Taylor AndersonStraits of Hell the 10th Destroyermen novel, set in an alternate world which a WW2 warship has materialised in
Gini KochCamp Alien the 13th in the series

Elizabeth HaydenThe Hollow Queen the final part of The War of the Known World trilogy and part 8 overall of her Symphony of Ages
Barb HendeeTo Kill a Kettle Witch the 4th in her Mist-Torn Witches series

Clive Cussler & Boyd MorrisonPiranha the 10th in Cussler’s Oregon Files series and the 1st to be co-written with Morrison
Steve AltenVostok ancient artifact thriller set in the Antarctic as scientists probe Lake Vostok. Sequel to The Loch, and prequel to the next Meg novel!


Jack VanceThe Green Pearl complete text of the 2nd part of his Lyonesse Trilogy, read by Kevin T. Collins. Budget price mp3 cd


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