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New Titles – w/e 12th March 2016

in hardcover:

Ken LiuThe Paper Menagerie short story collection

Jack WhyteThe Guardian volume 3 of the historical fiction series, The Guardians, set in 14th C Scotland. This volume features the story of Andrew Murray

in large format:

Peter Clines – The Fold scientists appear to have discovered a simple way to teleport, but there might be a catch!
Marko KloosLines of Departure sequel to Terms of Enlistment Grayson is assigned to a ship bound for a distant colony planet…
Joshua Dalzelle – Warship the 1st in the Black Fleet Trilogy, about a complacent multi-planet-spanning humanity  being attacked suddenly by vicious aliens

Scott HawkinsThe Library at Mount Char Peter’s an ordinary guy but one day Carolyn, who has spent her life locked in a possibly infinite library, turns up and makes his a very strange offer… Looks intriguing

Rob SandersThe Honoured: Betrayal at Calth the latest Horus Heresy novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 world…

in ‘B’ format:

Andrzej SapkowskiSword of Destiny the 5th in the Witcher fantasy series that began with The Last Wish

Eric Brown Jani and the Great Pursuit sequel to Jani and the Greater Game, she and her friends flee back to London but find they must return to central Asia
Anthony TrevelyanThe Weightless World in a vain hope to save his company, Steven travels with his boss to India to buy an anti-gravity machine – although surely no such thing exists…
Peter HigginsRadiant State the final part of the trilogy that began with Wolfhound Century & Truth and Fear
Adrian BarnesNod one day, the whole world discovers that virtually nobody is able to sleep anymore and people (and society) quickly begin to break down
Jon WallaceSteeple sequel to Barricade Kensitbec, a damaged Ficial now living with the Reals, takes a mission to ascend a huge, ruined skyscraper in London
Antonia HoneywellThe Ship London is in ruins and 16 y.o. Lalla and her father decide to flee the chaos by ship with 500 other escapees…

Elizabeth BonesteelThe Cold Between 1st volume about the Central Corps, who provide security to distant colony planets. But they’ve been keeping a secret for 25 years…

David Thomas Moore (editor) – Monstrous Little Voices anthology subtitled New Tales from Shakespeare’s Fantasy World. 5 stories by Jonathan Barnes, Kate Heartfield, Eve Meadows, Emma Newman & Adrian Tchaikovsky

art, etc:

Daniel ZimmerThe Art of Dean Cornwell large hardcover, mainly full colour illustrations from the mid 20th C. Great stuff!

Mark ArnoldThink Pink: The DePatie-Freleng Story all about the animation company behind the Pink Panther and other cartoons
Tom AnglebergerRocket and Groot subtitled Stranded on Planet Strip Mall! humorous little hardcover featuring two characters from the recent film Guardians of the Galaxy


Heavy Metal – # 279 2 different covers available


Doctor WhoThe Labyrinth of Buda Castle issue  # 5.2 of the Fourth Doctor adventures from Big Finish with Tom Baker and Lalla Ward



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