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New Titles – w/e23rd January 2016

in large format:

Tricia SullivanOccupy Me  the Resistance works secretly to improve the world and their mysterious agent, Pearl, is on the trail of a murderer…
Robert Jackson BennettCity of Blades the sequel to City of Stairs

Tim AkersThe Pagan Night epic fantasy where the Church has almost stamped out the old, pagan ways… Book 1 of The Hallowed War

in ‘B’ format:

Paul McAuleySomething Coming Through aliens have granted access to fifteen other worlds but there are mysteries both on Earth and on the once-inhabited planets humans are migrating to…
Rob BuffordZero-G sequel to Tracer, both set on a giant, failing space habitat orbiting a ravaged Earth…

Tim PowersMedusa’s Web in an old mansion in Hollywood, cousins gather in the wake of their aunt’s untimely death…
Jo WaltonThe Philosopher Kings sequel to The Just City

Neil SpringThe Watchers MoD Room 800 want Robert to investigate the odd events at Broad Haven, but it’s where he grew up!

Stephen Hunt Foul Tides Turning the sequel to In Dark Service. Jacob & Carter discovered the truth but that only added to their problems! Interesting looking fantasy
Brian McClellanThe Autumn Republic the final volume of the Powder Mage trilogy. Epic flintlock fantasy! The earlier volumes were Promise of Blood & The Crimson Campaign

in paperback:

Jennifer Brozek & Bryan Thomas Schmidt (editors) – Shattered Shields new fantasy stories, involving battles and fighting! Good-looking line-up


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