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New Titles – w/e 28th November 2015

in hardcover:

Jonathan L. HowardCarter & Lovecraft Daniel Carter is a jaded ex-homicide detective who inherits a strange little bookshop in Providence with a manager called Emily Lovecraft…

in large format:

Tom TonerThe Promise of the Child volume 1 of The Amaranthine Firmament, set over 12,000 years in the future, although it begins in 14th C  Prague… Very well reviewed debut sf novel.

Michael Matheson (editor) – The Humanity of Monsters 26 recent short stories from the likes of Lansdale, Valente  & Gaiman

in ‘B’ format:

Mira GrantChimera the 3td in her Parasitology trilogy, about a zombie plague

in paperback:

Dave BaraImpulse Lieutenant Cochrane had expected to be setting out on a deep space exploration tour of duty. Instead, he’s abruptly assigned to a mysterious mission elsewhere…
Gini KochAlien in Chief the 12th in the series…
Eric Flint Paula Goodlett & Gorg Huff1636: The Viennese Waltz the latest Ring of Fire/1632 novel and the 5th to be set in 1636
Joseph WallaceSlavemakers sequel to Invasive Species, about a newly discovered inimical lifeform…
Harry TurtledoveJoe Steele alternate history where FDR doesn’t become President during the Great Depression
Robert J. MrazekThe Bone Hunters ancient artifact thriller involving the long-missing Peking Man fossils
David DrakeDinosaurs and a Dirigible 5 short stories, some of which were published previously as Time Safari

Rob ThurmanNevermore the 10th Cal Leandros adventure
Steven HarperBlood Storm sequel to Blood Ax and the 2nd of the Books of Blood and Iron
Katherine KurtzThe King’s Dernyi the long-awaited 3rd volume of her Childe Morgan trilogy, set in the world of the Deryni and the Eleven Kingdoms. I assume it’s the final novel (17th?) of the Deryni sequence
Julie E. CzernedaA Play of Shadow the 2nd Night’s Edge fantasy novel; the sequel to A Turn of Light
Margaret Weis & Robert KrammesThe Seventh Sigil the final part of their Dragon Brigade trilogy
Katherine KurtzThe King’s Dernyi the long-awaited 3rd volume of her Childe Morgan trilogy, set in the world of the Deryni and the Eleven Kingdoms. I assume it’s the final novel (17th?) of the Deryni sequence

Mercedes Lackey  (editor) – Crucible: All New Tales of Valdemar 18 new stories set in Valdemar, including one by Lackey herself

Star TrekChild of Two Worlds set not long after tv episode The Cage, Spock is Science Officer under Captain Pike. By Greg Cox

Star Wars –  Heir to the Jedi set not long after SW: A New Hope, Luke is back in action trying to free an important prisoner of the Empire… By Kevin Hearne

art, etc:

Winsor McCay – Dinomania giant hardcover volume of rare strips, newspaper articles, etc. from and about the creator of Little Nemo in Slumberland. And all about Gerty the Dinosaur, possibly the 1st ever animated cartoon.

Jose GonzalezThe Art of JG hardcover highlighting the art of the Vampirella artist…
Stephen HickmanEmpyrean: The Art of SH full colour hardback
Matt GaserFantastical: The Art of MG nice hardcover of sketches and finished art, many with a fantasy or steampunk feel

Alfredo AlcalaThe Art of AA: Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master some very nice b&w comic art, with plenty of accompanying text

Daniel Zimmer (editor) – The Golden Age: Masterworks of the Golden Age of Illustration, volume 3 full colour hardcover with some great art

Murphy ZulliPuma Blues: The Complete Saga in One Volume the full story in one rather hefty (but very reasonably priced!) 560+ page hardcover.
Steven CerioSunbeam on the Astronaut bizarre b&w art and graphics!
Charles VessThe Horns of Elfland b&w art, with some text. Long time since I’ve seen a copy of this!


Interzone – issue #261 with fiction from Gary Gibson, among others

Locus – cover date November 2015, # 658


more to come; I ordered a bit early to avoid having my delivery caught up in the Thanksgiving slow-down, but I never expected it to arrive before the weekend!

Turtledove, McDevitt, Thurman, Lackey & more…


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