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New Titles – w/e 7th November 2015

in hardcover:

Juliet MarillierTower of Thorns a monster has occupied an ancient tower and the whole area is blighted; Blackthorn and Grim are persuaded to try to oust it…
Umberto EcoNumero Zero the narrator arrives back from holiday and finds somebody must have turned off his water, but from inside his flat! Soon he’s involved in finding out the truth about Mussolini’s death (or otherwise!) Translated from Italian by Richard Dixon

Harriet McDougall, Alan Romanczuk & Maria SimonsThe Wheel of Time Companion thick compendium of everything to do with Robert Jordan‘s best-selling Wheel of Time series

in large format:

Kim Stanley RobinsonGreen Earth single volume re-working of his Science in the Capital trilogy about climate change. He’s updated the research & science and shed around 300 pages from the originals to tighten up the story and make it more of a single novel. Still 1060 pages long! Hope he hasn’t dropped the tapirs!

in ‘B’ format:

Kate ElliottBlack Wolves 22 years after they failed to protect his King successfully, the dead King’s sister seeks out the exiled Captain of the famous Black Wolves company to ask for his help… Part 1 of a new trilogy
Julia KnightLegends and Liars sequel to Swords and Scoundrels; part 2 of The Duelists fantasy series
Alyc HelmsThe Dragons of Heaven Missy Masters is a street magician but has just inherited the role of Mr. Mystic, vigilante hero, from her grandfather… Fortunately, not all her magic is slight-of-hand
Mark HodderThe Rise of the Automated Aristocrats the 6th Burton & Swinburne steampunk adventure
Nick CutterDeep a plague that destroys memory is sweeping Earth and the cure may be found in a remote underwater research lab
Mike BrooksDark Sky sequel to Dark Run. More adventures with the crew of the spaceship Keiko when a quick job goes horribly wrong
Patrick S. TomlinsonThe Ark 200 years into a generation starship voyage, a sports star turned detective becomes embroiled in a plot that might destroy this last remnant of human civilisation…

K. J. ParkerThe Last Witness the protagonist takes memories from other people (usually ones they want rid of!) but other people might be willing to kill to access some of them…

in paperback:

Juliet MarillierDreamer’s Pool a renegade healer and another former prison inmate she met there seem to have the right skills to help a desperate prince…  Volume 1 of Blackthorn & Grim
L. E. Modesitt, jr. – Heritage of Cyador the 18th Recluce novel; a direct sequel to Cyador’s Heirs
James A. MooreCity of Wonders book 3 in the Seven Forges series; the Empire’s armies are being pushed back and the Imperial family struggle to retain control…

Karen ChanceReap the Wind the 7th Cassie Palmer adventure
George R. R. Martin & Melinda Snodgrass (editors) – Lowball the latest Wild Cards book, with contributions from such as Walter Jon Williams, Carrie Vaughn and Ian Tregellis

Linda NagataGoing Dark the final book in the Red trilogy. The conflict is escalating and James Shelly must do his best to choose the right side…
Tony PeakInherit the Stars Kwita seeks adventure but her latest contract ends up with both humans and aliens seeking to control her and what she’s found…

Clive Cussler & Dirk CusslerHavana Storm their 6th Dirk Pitt collaboration and the 23rd Dirk Pitt adventure overall

Alex ArcherMystic Warrior the latest Rogue Angel adventure


Galaxy’s Edge – issues 16 (September cover date) & 17 (November cover date)


Doctor WhoPlanet of the Rani # 205 in the Big Finish audio adventures, with Colin Baker


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