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New Titles – w/e 11th July 2015

in hardcover:

Kim Stanley RobinsonAurora Earth’s first generation starship is finally approaching it’s destination after, well, generations in transit…

Django WexlerThe Price of Valour the 3rd in his ‘black powder’ Shadow Campaigns fantasy series that began with The Thousand Names
Eric Flint & Walter H. HuntThe Cardinal Virtues the latest novel in Flint’s 1632/1636/Ring of Fire setting
Wesley Chu – Time Salvager Mankind is slowly dying in the outer reaches of the Solar System but going back in time and changing history may help…

in large format:

Ernest ClineArmada a very late arrival, having been mis-delivered earlier.  New novel from the author of Ready Player One.

Neal Asher – The Engineer Reconditioned 10 short stories, including some set in his Polity background
Esther Friesner & John Helfers (editors) – Chicks and Balances another 20+ stories in this latest in the Chicks ‘n’ Chainmail anthology series…

Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Year’s best Science Fiction: Thirty-Second Annual Collection the best from 2014

in ‘B’ format:

Ben AaronovitchFoxglove Summer the 5th in his Peter Grant series, which began with Rivers of London

Edan Lepucki – California a couple try to survive the collapse of civilisation deep in the woods…
James P. HoganPrisoners of Tomorrow omnibus edition containing Endgame Enigma (1987) and Voyage from Yesteryear (1982). 830 pages between them
Samuel R. DelanyA, B, C: Three Short Novels containing The Jewels of Aptor, The Ballad of Beta-2 and They Fly at Ciron

in paperback:

David B. CoeSpell Blind the first of The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, about a weremyste – someone with magical abilities but who also goes crazy at the full moon!
Devon MonkCold Copper the 3rd of The Age of Steam novels…
J. Kathleen CheneyThe Seat of Magic the 2nd book set in The Golden City; Oriana has been banished from the Golden City but police consultant Duilio fears that returning to her home may be more dangerous than staying…
Marchall Ryan MarescaA Murder of Mages the start of a companion series to The Thorn of Dentonhill, also set in the city of Maradaine. This set features a pair of detectives fighting crime in the bustling port…
Joshua PalmatierShattering the Ley the Baron ultimately controls the magical ley lines that sustain Erenthrall and it’s trade but a young Wielder discovers the truth behind the magic…

James AbelWhite Plague a nuclear submarine is on fire in the high Arctic and a rescue mission is sent, but discover it has a deadly plague on board!

Alex ArcherBeneath Still Waters the 46th Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerIron Rage the latest Deathlands adventure

art, etc:

Brian Switek & Julius Csotonyi (illustrator) – Prehistoric Predtors big, colourful hardcover all about the various predators in each major era, with text by a top dinosaur expert

Makoto ShinkaiA Sky Longing for Memories subtitled The Art of MS but it’s actually various artists in his ‘stable’ of artists

Clint LangleyThe Best of CL mainly full-colour hardcover highlighting his work, by Dark Dragon Books Art Collection
Mike RateraThe Best of MR full-colour hardcover highlighting his work, by Dark Dragon Books Art Collection
Paul RanaudThe Best of PR full-colour hardcover highlighting his work, by Dark Dragon Books Art Collection
Vincenzo CuccaThe Best of VC full-colour hardcover highlighting his work, by Dark Dragon Books Art Collection. Some b&w images

3DTotal PublishingSketching from the Imagination: Sci-Fi featuring dozens of artists and their work

Hugo Pratt – Beyond the Windy Isles volume 2 of the collected Corto Maltese, from EuroComics
Gris Grimley – Frankenstein heavily-illustrated softcover with the story ‘assembled from the original text’ by Mary Shelley
Eric Shanower & Gabriel RodriquezLittle Nemo: Return to Slumberland full-colour hardback collecting the recent comic mini-series. Good fun, and faithful to the original stories by Winsor McCay
Stephen CoughlinSanctury: Fresh Meat b&w graphic novel set in a remote game reserve where the animals seem smarter than the scientists observing them…


Illustration – issue #48 with a big lead article on Rolf Armstrong
Heavy Metal – #275 a ‘cyberpunk meets magic realism’ special


Doctor WhoThe Secret History Big Finish audio adventure number 200! With Peter Davidson
Doctor WhoThe Cloisters of Terror Fourth Doctor adventure # 4.6 from Big Finish, featuring Tom Baker & Louise Jameson


Pop! BooksCthulhu glow-in-the-dark vinyl figure
Pop! BooksCthulhu vinyl figure back in stock


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