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New Titles – w/e 4th July 2015

In hardcover:

Charles StrossThe Annihilation Score the 6th of his Laundry Files. Signed copies available

Terry Pratchett & Stephen BaxterThe Long Utopia the 4th in their multiple worlds collaborative series. I understand this concludes the series.

Scarlett ThomasThe Seed Collectors great aunt Oleander has left members of her family mysterious seed pods…
M. K. HumeThe Blood of Kings book 1 of Tintagel. Battle and intrigue in the last years of the Roman control of Britain…

China MievilleThree Moments of an Explosion 28 short stories

in large format:

Michel FaberThe Book of Strange New Things far-distant natives are keen to learn from a visitor’s book…
Christopher GoldenTin Men Danny Kelso operates a military robot in Syria using advanced VR, but things go wrong…

in ‘B’ format:

Bennett R. ColesVirtues of War Lt. Emmes is assigned to a mission sent to investigate arms smuggling between distant Terran colonies…
Mike BrooksDark Run the Keiko & it’s crew are smugglers & mercenaries for hire, Then they agree to do a run to Old Earth…
Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. MartinIron & Blood industrial sabotage and treasure hunting in a new steampunk adventure series. The 1st Jake Desmet novel.

Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings The Stormlight Archive volume 1
Mark Charan NewtonRetribution the sequel to Drakenfeld
Pierre PavelThe Knight the story of Lord Askarian, seen as either a hero or a traitor…
Samantha ShannonThe Mime Order sequel to The Bone Season, about a dreamwalker in an alternate London…
Tanith LeeFrom a High Tower the 10th in her Elemental Masters series…

Jo WaltonThe Just City life in a Classical Utopia…
Anna CaltabianoThe Seventh Miss Hatfield Cynthia is slipped an immortality potion by her elderly next door neighbour…
Stephen BywaterNight of the Damned horror on a rubber plantation in the Amazon jungle in 1935

Mal PeetThe Murdstone Trilogy a fading ‘literary’ author is persuaded to write a fantasy trilogy to make ends meet. But he despises the genre… I enjoyed the hardcover a lot! (It isn’t actually a trilogy, or part of a trilogy. It’s just the title!)

Malcolm C. Lyons (translator) – Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange new translations of 18  Arab stories subtitled ‘A Medieval Arab Fantasy Collection‘, from Penguin Classics

Doctor WhoEngines of War set during the Great Time War, featuring John Hurt‘s War Doctor. By George Mann

Star WarsTarkin new adventure by James Luceno

Warhammer 40,000Valedor the latest adventure by Guy Haley
Warhammer 40,000Fall of Macharius part 3 of The Macharian Crusade, by William King

in paperback:

S. K. DunstallLinesman only Linesmen can navigate ships through space, then an alien vessel is discovered which may change everything!
Eric Flint & Charles E. GannonCommander Cantrell in the West Indies the latest book in Flint’s 1632/1636/Ring of Fire background
John RingoIslands of Rage and Hope the 3rd in his ocean-based post-apocalyptic series…
Tom KratmanThe Rods and the Axe sequel to Come and Take Them

Ben BovaNew Frontiers short story collection

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildBlue Labyrinth their 14th collaboration to feature Agent Pendergast
Mercedes Lackey
& James MalloryThe House of the Four Winds 1st in their new fantasy series, One Dozen Daughters
Clay & Susan GriffithThe Undying Legion volume 2 of Crown & Key, following on from The Shadow Revolution

Star Trek: DS9Sacraments of Fire the latest adventure by David R. George III


Shoreline of Infinity – issue #1 of Scotland’s newest SF magazine!


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