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Chuck Miller

Very sorry to hear that Chuck Miller died a few days ago aged 62. He was best known as one half of the publishing duo Underwood Miller who made their reputation with hardback editions of almost the complete works of Jack Vance, and also many other books and authors. Their titles included rare Roger Zelazny works and also the 5-volume Philip K. Dick complete short stories. He was also a well-known sf&f book dealer and I well remember getting the catalogs and poring over them for a few days and then phoning up to place an order, which always turned into a long, chatty phone call.
As a result, when I attended the Orlando Worldcon, he invited me to sit in at the U/M table any time I wanted, and chat to everyone, including Jack Vance and his wife Norma.
I wouldn’t have had nearly as good a time there without Chuck’s friendship. We gradually lost touch as he stopped sending out catalogs and relied on selling via e-Bay, which I never took to…

I had wondered recently if he was still listing books there and did a cursory search without any luck, and now I know why.
I was never a close friend but I’ll still miss him.

Here’s a couple of obituaries with further details.


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