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New Titles – w/e 2nd May 2015

in hardcover:

Alastair ReynoldsPoseidon’s Wake using generation starships, mankind has reached the stars, but now a plea for help is received from in advance of where anyone could have reached…
Nnedi OkoraforThe Book of Phoenix a 2 y.o. genetic experiment, she lives in Tower 7, happily reading and learning until her companion is so traumatised he commits suicide. Then everything changes for her…

Travis S. TaylorTrail of Evil the 4th in his Tau Ceti Agenda series, which began with One Day on Mars

Kate AtkinsonA God in Ruins companion volume to the excellent Life after Life. Signed copies. Sadly, it’s embargoed until the 7th May so I can’t sell it yet.
But I can take orders for it.

in large format:

Richard Ford – Lord of Ashes the final part of his Steelhaven fantasy trilogy, which began with Herald of the Storm and The Shattered Crown

Max GladstoneThree Parts Dead steampunk fantasy. Kos, the Fire God has died and Tara, a 1st year associate in  a renowned necromantic firm, must try to resurrect him before the city is torn by riots. But she discovers the god was murdered…
Max GladstoneTwo Serpents Rise sequel to Three Parts Dead and the 2nd part of the Craft Sequence
Max Gladstone Full Fathom Five the 3r volume of the Craft Sequence

in ‘B’ format:

Peter WattsEchopraxia sequel to Blindsight
Gary Gibson – Extinction Game Jerry was the last man alive, but he’s been rescued by the ‘Authority’ and joins a mission with other survivoros from other alternate earths…

Trudi Canavan Thief’s Magic book 1 of her new series, Millennium’s Rule
Lindsey Piper – Hunter Warrior book 3 in her Dragon Kings series
Django WexlerThe Mad Apprentice the sequel to The Forbidden Library
Viola CarrThe Diabolical Miss Hyde the exploits of Dr. Eliza Jekyll, daughter of the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll!
Sue TingeyMarked lonely Lucky can see ghosts and her only friend is Kayla, the ghost she’s known since birth… But neither are what they appear

David Greygoose – Brunt Boggart subtitled A Tapestry of Tales. 3 sets of interlinked tales, which build to form a new mythology
Pippa GoldschmidtThe Need for Better Regulation of Outer Space short story collection from the author of The Falling Sky

Michael Marshall SmithOnly Forward reprint of his 1st, award-winning novel

Warhammer 40,000Warriors of Ultramar an Ultramarines adventure by Graham McNeill

art, etc:

John Avon Journeys to Somewhere Else hardback full colour art book with several fold out pages for panoramas, etc. Great looking stuff!
Daniel Zimmer (editor) – The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration from the founder of Illustration magazine. Large hardcover full of colour art from the last century, all in alphabetical order by artist, which leads to some interesting juxtapositions of subjects and styles!

The HobbitThe Definitive Movie Posters big book of 40 easily removable posters from the whole Hobbit film trilogy by Peter Jackson

Alain Paris, Val, Notaro & Saverio TenutaThrone of Ice hardcover graphic novel from Humanoids, set in an unknown culture in prehistoric, ice-free Antarctica!
Saverio TenutaLegend of the Scarlet Blades hardback graphic novel from Humanoids, set in medieval Japan…

Frank FrazettaWarriors Coaster Set 4 square cork coasters with a different warrior on each one, in full colour
Frank FrazettaDeath Dealer Playing Cards standard deck with different characters on all 16 face cards & 2 jokers, with the classic Death Dealer image on all the backs.


VadeboncoeurCollection of Images #13 large, occasional magazine packed with interesting full colour art
Juxtapoz – May 2015 cover date

Locus – April cover date


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