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New Titles – w/e 26th April 2015

in hardcover:

Robert Charles WilsonThe Affinities new data analysis technologies mean that everybody can be divided into one of 22 groups. But joining the group you’re eligible for may have it’s problems as well as benefits…
Peter NewmanThe Vagrant he must cross a land blasted by war to reach the last stronghold against whatever emerged from The Breach, and he has the only weapon that might help…
Benjamin PercyThe Dead Lands 150 years ago St.Louis was fortified against the hordes of plague victims. Now there’s word of safe lands to the west and so a small expedition heads into the unknown…

Ian DoescherWilliam Shakespeare‘s The Phantom Menace: Star Wars Part the First companion volume to the three already out relating to episodes 4, 5 & 6

in large format:

Marko KloosTerms of Enlistment the only way out of the slums is the colonial lottery or joining the military, which may also get Andrew off planet!
B. CatlingThe Vorrh outside the town is the endless forest, which can bend time and memories. A human colonist sets off to cross it but not everyone wants him to succeed
Diana Pharaoh FrancisEdge of Dreams 5 teenagers are lost inside a mountain and magical tracker Riley has to ask for some rather distasteful help…
Faith Hunter & Kalanya Price (editors)  – Kicking It urban fantasy stories, mainly involving footware, like actual killer boots!
T. A. PrattLady of Misrule the latest Marla Mason book…
Charles DeLintWhere Desert Spirits Crowd the Night  short novel about artist and dreamer Sophie Etoile, from Newford

Stuart Douglas (editor) – Iris Wildthyme: 15  an anthology of 15 stories featuring the time traveller created by Paul Magrs for some Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures

in ‘B’ format:

John BirminghamEmergence a deep-drilling oil rig drills too deep and releases swarms of monsters! Hung over safety worker Dave Hooper takes a stand… Dave vs. The Monsters part 1

Terry BrooksThe High Druid’s Blade the 1st volume of The Defenders of Shannara series
Gail Z. MartinWar of Shadows the 3rd part of her Ascendant Kings Saga
Sarah J. MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses Feyre is a mortal who has been imprisoned in the Fairie Realms for hunting and killing a magical creature…

Adam ChristopherThe Machine Awakens mankind is slowly losing the Spider Wars and a murder investigation starts to reveal a vast conspiracy stretching from Earth to the floating gas mines of Jupiter…

in paperback:

David WeberShadow of Freedom the 14th in the main sequence of Honor Harrington novels
Jack McDevittThe Hercules Text reprint of his 1st novel. An extraterrestrial message is finally decoded, with possibly world-changing results…
A. AmericanGoing Home when civilisation abruptly collapses Morgan will do whatever it takes to get home again…

M. J. ScottThe Shattered Court Lady Sophia is a Royal Witch and 32nd in line to the Throne, but is forced to flee after an attack by the Kingdom’s ancient enemies. Now she has serious choices to make…
Kelly McCullough – Darkened Blade the 6th in his Fallen Blade series

David Baldacci (editor) – FaceOff anthology of 11 stories each featuring 2 noted characters from a variety of authors meeting each other… Rebus, Jack Reacher, Repairman Jack and many more

Star TrekCrisis of Consciousness an Original Series novel by Dave Galanter

David AnnandaleThe Damnation of Pythos: Thinning the Veil a Horus Heresy adventure set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe


Doctor WhoThe Defectors audio adventure # 198 in the main Big Finish Doctor Who series, with Sylvester McCoy and Katy Manning
Doctor WhoDeath Match Fourth Doctor adventure 4.4 from Big Finish, with Tom Baker & Louise Jameson


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