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New Titles – w/e 21st March 2015

large format:

Kay KenyonQueen of the Deep as an adult, Jane Gray meets an imaginary childhood friend and ends up in a magical medieval kingdom entirely aboard a gigantic steamship…
Gerald KershMen Without Bones 13 strange tales…

Patricia A. McKillipGateway Omnibus the latest omnibus from Gollancz, containing Song for the Basilisk, The Tower at Stony Wood and Od Magic
Lucius ShepardGateway Omnibus from Gollancz, containing the late author’s first novel, Green Eyes, The Jaguar Hunter collection and the short novel Vacancy

Zachary BrownThe Darkside War there are multiple alien species, and not all of them are friendly… part 1 of The Icarus Corps
Tobias S. BuckellRagamuffin the 2nd Xenowealth novel. reissue; great little series although #1 is a bit slow to get into… Pockets of humanity are dotted across space, but confined to specific planets after being on the wrong side in a multi-species space war

in ‘B’ format:

Gail CarrigerPrudence book 1 of her new steampunk series, The Custard Protocol
Django WexlerThe Forbidden Library a huge, dark library hides worlds-full of secrets…

Rjurik DavidsonUnwrapped Sky revolution is afoot and the world is changing, and Kata is forced to try to murder a visiting minotaur… I really enjoyed this when it was in h/c

art, etc:

Imagine fxMasters & Legends of Fantasy Art with dvd at the back. restock
Neil Gaiman & Charles VessStardust softcover from Vertigo, with the original illustrations


Black Static – # 45 new fiction and reviews, etc.
Galaxy’s Edge – issues # 12 & # 13


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