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New Titles – w/e 31st January 2015

in hardcover:

Robert RepinoMort(e) the world’s ants have secretly been creating all sorts of ‘uplifted’ animals, and now is the time to rise against the Humans!
Matthew ReillyThe Great Zoo of China the Chinese are about to unveil a great new zoo, and it’s main draw will be dragons!
Simon R. GreenThe Dark Side of the Road Ishmael Jones must discover which of the Colonel’s house guests murdered him…
Graham MastertonTaken for Dead Katie Maguire of the Garda has another gruesome crime to tackle in Cork…
Neil GaimanTrigger Warning short story collection, The oldest stories date from 2007

large format:

Karen LordThe Galaxy Game three students at the Lyceum school for the psionically gifted can’t wait to graduate and use their acquired skills for good… But there’s a crisis brewing bewteen rival star-faring civilisations

in ‘B’ format:

Joe AbercrombieHalf a King left for dead, the crippled Prince Yarvi knows he can’t win back his position by his strength…
Robert LydonImperial Fire epic sequel to Hawk Quest, an historical novel set in 1081 and spanning much of Europe. In this one, Valton and his companions must venture east…  Really enjoyed the 1st one.
Josh MalerinanBird Box the internet fails; tv stops broadcasting, then the phones go down. And you can’t see out the windows…
Chuck WendigUnclean Spirits part of the Gods and Monsters multi-author series
Jame Smythe – The Echo sequel to The Explorer, set 20 years on. Part 2 of his Anomaly Quartet
V. E. SchwabVicious back in stock; 2 ex-friends battle with their psychic powers… Signed copies of her new book,  A Darker Shade of Magic, will  be available soon!

Martyn Amos & Ra Page (editors) – Beta Life anthology of sf stories set in 2070, written by pairs of authors & scientists.
Jesse Bullington (editor) – Letters to Lovecraft 18 new short stories…

Warhammer 40,000First and Only the latest Gaunt’s Ghosts novel, by Dan Abnett

in paperback:

William C. DietzDeadeye in a much-altered world, Cassandra Lee must try to find a notorious murderer and kidnapper and may have to venture into the red zone. Volume 1 of The Mutant Files
Lisa ShearinThe Dragon Conspiracy the magical ‘Dragon Eggs’ jewels have been stolen and Makenna has 24 hours to break the case… Volume 2 of the SPI Files, and the sequel to last year’s The Grendal Affair
Heather GrahamWaking the Dead a painting’s characters can come to life…

John Joseph Adams (editor) – Wastelands anthology with 22 ‘stories of the apocalypse‘, as the strap line says. Authors include George R. R. Martin, Cory Doctorow and Jack McDevitt

art, etc:

Stefano RaffaeleLoving Dead h/c zombie graphic novel from Humanoids


Interzone – # 256 with fiction from Neil Williamson and an interview with Ann Leckie


Rip-Off!  13 top authors, including Robert Charles Wilson, Lavie Tidhar, Elizabeth Bear, Daryl Gregory and 9 more, take the first line from a favorite famous book and then write their own story starting with it! Works thus ‘ripped-off’ include Moby Dick, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Huckleberry Finn!
Doctor WhoMistfall Big Finish full cast audio drama # 195, with Peter Davidson


Game of ThronesPlaying Cards back in stock; the original deck of cards from the series

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