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New Titles – w/e 30th August 2014

in hardcover:

Peter WattsEchopraxia new sf novel set in the same world as Blindsight
John ScalziLock-In a virus leaves 1% of the population ‘locked-in’ and unable to communicate. 25 years later some progress has been made in VR environments for them, and certain healthy people can allow them use of their bodies for various reasons…
Richard KadreyThe Getaway God the 5th Sandman Slim novel

in large format:

Ian Whales (editor) – Paradox 15 short stories based around the Fermi paradox (about why we’ve not encountered aliens yet, if they are so many of them out there)

in ‘B’ format:

Ben CounterThe Grey Knights Omnibus a Warhammer 40,000 volume with Grey Knights, Dark Adeptus and Hammer of Daemons

in paperback:

Lois McMaster BujoldCaptain Vorpatril’s Alliance the latest book in her Vorkosigan Saga
David WeberBeginnings: Worlds of Honor #6 5 substantail stories including 2 by Weber. A couple would count as short novels…

Robert Charles WilsonBurning Paradise alternate history where there was an Amnesty in 1914 and the world has pretty much stagnated ever since, although that may not be entirely humanity’s fault!
Steven Brust & Skyler WhiteThe Incrementalists an ancient secret society is working behind the scenes to change things for the better. But slowly. Very slowly.

Rod DuncanThe Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire #1. Steampunk romp
Simon R. GreenVoices From Beyond the 5th Ghost Finders adventure…
Carrie VaughnKittty’s Greatest Hits 14 short stories featuring the one-time late night DJ…

Emily GeeThe Fire Prince sequel to The Sentinel Mage
Sharon ShinnRoyal Airs book 2 of her Elemental Blessings series, which began with Troubled Waters

art, etc:

Design Studio PresentsThe Skillful Huntsman step-by-step guide to the visual
development of a Brothers Grimm tale
Patrick J. JonesSci-Fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques great looking book with detailed notes and multiple pictures showing a painting’s progress. Mainly about figure painting and with a foreword by Boris.
John Paul LoweFoundations in Comic Book Art from the basics to the finished art

Neil Gaiman & Gris GrimlyThe Dangerous Alphabet rhyming alphabet book with pirates, ghosts and fun art!
Daniel Sean KayeNever Underestimate a Hermit Crab b&w cartoons extolling the virtues of hermit crabs!

Dan LockwoodThe Lovecraft Anthology volume I back in stock; 7 of his stories retold in graphic form by various artists…
Dan LockwoodThe Lovecraft Anthology volume II back in stock; 9 of his stories retold in graphic form by various artists…

magazines, etc:

Locus – June cover date with Joe Abercrombie on the cover
Locus – August cover date, featuring Ian McDonald and Ann Leckie

Juxtapoz – September 2014 cover date

Brick Journal – issue 30 of the Lego magazine

wall calendars:

Terry PratchettDiscworld Collector’s Edition 2015, illustrated by Stephen Player
Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Calendar 2015
Jeffrey BrownStar Wars: Vader’s Little Princess


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