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New Titles – w/e 22nd March 2014

in large format:

Mur LaffertyThe Shambling Guide to New York Zoe is writing a guide to the city for non-humans… the sequel, Ghost Train to New Orleans, came in a couple of weeks ago…

in ‘B’ format:

Adam ChristopherThe Burning Dark his final mission is to de-commission an aging, semi-derelict research outpost orbiting a distant star… but there are problems, and the station commander has disappeared…
Peter HellerThe Dog Stars Hig owns one of the last aeroplanes in the post-apocalyptic world and needs to make one last trip, but there’s only enough fuel for a one way flight…
Caleb CarrThe Legend of Broken a fortress city defends itself against the maurauding Bane but will only survive if a compact can be drawn up between the sides…

art, etc:

Ian MillerThe Art of IM new hardback collecting his best work. Excellent stuff; I’ve liked him since buying the 1977 Bantam edition of Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton for his illustrations. If I only buy one art book this year, this’ll be it!

David WiesnerMr. Wuffles full colour children’s hardback about a cat who discovers some tiny aliens in a toy-sized spaceship!


Black Static – issue #39, cover date March/April 2014


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