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New Titles – w/e 15th March 2014

In hardback:

Robert GilmoreAlice in Quantumland Alice explains quantum physics! This has been out for some years but I’ve neveer had it in stock before

in large format:

Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonMentats of Dune the latest of their novels about Dune, after Sisterhood of Dune
Jim HewitsonDown in the Glen Something Stirs twin-tracked novel, with one thread set in the present and the other 20+ years in the future as climate change drives more people towards an independent Scotland…

Nick Hubble & Aris MousoutzanisThe Science Fiction Handbook fascinating look at the field and it’s important books
Stephen L. GillettWorld-Building great look at how to get the details right! –  ‘a writer’s guide to constructing star systems and life-supporting planets’

in ‘B’ format:

James S. A. Corey Abaddon’s Gate the 3rd in the Expanse series; excellent, big, in-System science fiction.
Robert Silverberg & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro a short novel in 2 parts; a novella, The Song of Last Things from 1987 by Silverberg followed by an authorised sequel, The Last Mandala Sweeps by Zinos-Amaro. It’s set in the extreme far future as Earth is about to be enguilfed by a black hole…
Brian AldissFinches of Mars apparently to be his final sf novel… 10 years on, the Mars Colony is in trouble…
T. J. Bass The Godwhale a vast android plankton harvester lies rotting through the ages waiting and hoping that Man will re-discover her…
Philip K. Dick & Ray NelsonThe Ganymede Takeover the Earth has been taken over by telepathic aliens and the human scientist that can save Earth is on their side! Reprint from 1967.

Graham JoyceThe Year of the Ladybird strange goings-on at a seaside summer camp during the 1976 heatwave…
James BarclayBeyond the Mists of Katura the 3rd Elves book, after Once Walked with Gods & Rise of the Taigethen

Randall Garrett – Lord Darcy  new Fantasy Masterworks edition of the alternate history detective stories in which the Plantagenets still rule an Anglo-French empire and magic instead of science was developed..
Rebecca AlexanderThe Secrets of Life and Death a dead woman is found covered in arcane symbols and Jackdaw Hammond must trace the mystery’s roots back to the alchemist John Dee!

Adam NevillBanquet for the Damned ghost story set in St. Andrews
Steve Rasnic TemBlood Kin long buried near Michael Gibson’s old home is an iron trunk that could spell everybody’s doom!
Warhammer 40,000Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters anthology with 11 new stories…

in paperback:

Alex ArcherRiver of Nightmares the latest (47th?) Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerHanging Judge the latest (69th?) Death Lands adventure

art books, etc:

EVESource heavily illustrated hardcover looking at the online game
Mike HawthorneSketchbook paperback from Comix Buro of his art
Mali SiriSketchbook from Comix Buro
ValpSketchbook softcover from Comix Buro


Locus – February cover date, with the 2013 annual round-up
Juxtapoz – April cover date
Heavy Metal – issue #267, April cover date


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