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New Titles – w/e 18th January 2014

in hardback:

Adam RobertsTwenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea a re-imagining of Verne’s classic, with illustrations in b&w by Mehendra Singh. France’s 1st nuclear submarine dives but no matter how deep she goes, how far beyond crush depth, the bottom can’t be found… looks great fun.

Gene WolfeThe Land Across a travel writer wants to write the first guide to a very obscure little European country with a Kafkaesque bureaucracy…

Edmond HamiltonThe Reign of the Robots volume 4 of his collected stories from Haffner Press
Edmond HamiltonThe Collected Captain Future Volume Three from Haffner Press

Jo WaltonWhat Makes This Book Great 130 essays on sf&f classics (and others) from the award-winning author and critic.

in large format:

John C. WrightThe Hermetic Millenia sequel to Count to a Trillion post-human genius Montrose is in cryogenic suspension awaiting a challenge he knows is coming far in the future. But his talents are required before then…
Christopher GoldenSnow Blind the small town of Coventry, MA suffered a huge storm 12 years ago, and now they’re expecting an even worse one – much worse…
Gemma FilesA Book of Tongues weird western, book 1 of the Hexslinger series about an undercover Pinkerton agent

Carolyn Ives GilmanThe Ice Owl novella set in her Twenty Planets background (like Arkfall) I got in because I liked Arkfall a lot.

Algis BudrysGateway Omnibus containing the novels The Iron Thorn, Michaelmas and Hard Landing
Garry KilworthGateway Omnibus with the trilogy The Roof of Voyaging, The Princely Flower and Land-of-Mists, which he considers to be among his best work
C. L. MooreGateway Omnibus from Orion with Jirel of Joiry, Northwest of Earth and Judgement Night. Essentially 3 short story collections with her 2 best known characters and also the best from her other work.

Darrell SchweitzerSpeaking of the Fantastic book of 13 interviews with the likes of Leiber, Simmons, Brunner & Holdstock which Schweitzer carried out in the 1990s

in ‘B’ format:

Maggie FureyExodus of the Xandem sequel to 2009’s Heritage of the Xandem
Christopher GoldenKing of Hell a new Peter Octavian novel; he must try to rescue his friends, some of whom he inadvertently betrayed years ago…
Guy AdamsOnce Upon a Time in Hell sequel to The Good, the Bad and the Infernal; Heaven’s Gate trilogy volume 2
Peter HigginsWolfhound Century corruption is rife in the police state of Vlast and it may be related to the ancient secret hidden beneath the central police station… and a fallen Angel is stirring hundreds of miles to the east…
Tom LloydThe God Tattoo short stories set in the land of his Twilight Reign novels

Philip K. DickDr. Bloodmoney post-WW3 novel writen in 1965. Subtitled Or How We Got Along After The Bomb

art, etc:

Vincent Zhoa (editor) – Fantasy+ #5 latest in the series that now rivals Spectrum as an annual look at the fantastic in art. From Cypi Press
CG Galaxy: Top Chinese CG Artists and Their Works some excellent stuff, with the emphasis on characters rather than landscapes, etc. Also from Cypi Press
Aunja Kahn & Russel J. Moon (editors) – Lowbrow Tarot all sorts of tarot card art from a variety of artists… hardcover
Mitch ByrdWomen, Dinosaurs and Random Illustrations vol 1 b&w sketches of (mainly) dinos, women and astronauts!

Herman MelvilleMoby-Dick a manga version from Variety Art Works nice little b&w edition
H. G. WellsThe War of the Worlds a manga version from Variety Art Works nice little b&w edition


Locus – December 2013 cover date; issue #635 with coverage of Brighton’s recent World Fantasy Convention
Illustration – issue #23 highlighting the work of Henry Patrick Raleigh and also Victor Kalin (by his daughter)
Heavy Metal – issue #266

Comics Revue – December 2013 their latest collection of old comic strips, from Flash Gordon and Tarzan to Modesty Blaise and Alley Oop! Some in colour

games, etc:

Plush USS Enterprise 25cm soft Star Trek model/toy (NCC-1701)

Ender’s GameBattle School: The Board Game. All you need to play as either Ender Wiggen and his Dragon Army or Bonzo Madrid and the Salamander Army!


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