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New Titles – w/e 21st December 2013

in hardback:

Kersten HamiltonThe Mesmer Menace fun little children’s book about a boy inventor and his faithful dachshund!

large format:

Jacqueline KoyanagiAscension spaceship engineer Alana stows away on a run-down starship which seems to be looking for her lost sister…  The 1st Tangled Axon book
K. M. RuizStrykers long after a nuclear war, an army of mutated humans preotect the rich as they prepare to finally flee Earth

Kersten HamiltonTyger Tyger book 1 of The Goblin Wars. Abbey’s dreams seem to be coming true, and that’s definitely not good!

James P. BlaylockGateway Omnibus three of his classic novels, repackaged by Orion. The Last Coin, The Paper Grail and All the Bells of Earth. Each of them was short-listed for the World Fantasy Award. I should have had this a while ago but my order was inadvertently cancelled somehow…

in ‘B’ format:

Tom HoltWhen It’s A Jar Maurice definitely isn’t a hero but has just killed a dragon, and elsewhere a man wakes up trapped in a (presumably giant) jar…
Philip Jose FarmerVenus on the Half-Shell originally published as by Kilgore Trout, the Vonnegut character

Adam RobertsAdam Robots two dozen short stories

in paperback:

William C. DietzAndromeda’s Fall the latest adventure for the Legion of the Damned!
Deborah J. RossShannivar the sequel to The Seven-Petaled Shield

art, etc:

Farlaine the GoblinThe Racelands b&w softcover about the adventures of roaming shamanic goblin Farlaine!


Illustrators – issue #5 the UK magazine about 20th C commercial and magazine art
Juxtapoz – December cover date
Juxtapoz – January 2014 cover date

Galaxy’s Edge – issues #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 A new bi-monthly sf short story magazine! Mainly fiction but some book reviews as well. The 1st three issues contain the serialisation of Daniel F. Galouye‘s classic Dark Universe – and a lot more besides!

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