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New Titles – w/e 7th December 2013

in hardcover:

Harry TurtledoveThings Fall Apart the 3rd volume of his Supervolcano sequence of everyday life after Yellowstone erupts…
Robert Conroy1920: America’s Great War alternate history in which Germany wins WW1 before the US enters the war and goes on to send a huge army supposedly to support a weak Mexican government, but actually to invade and seize California and Texas!

Tom Clancy with Mark GreaneyCommand Authority the latest and presumably final Jack Ryan adventure

in large format:

Mercedes LackeyDragon’s Teeth fat omnibus of 2 short story collections, Fiddler Fair and Werehunter together with another 75 pages with 5 more previously unpublished stories!

Larry Niven (creator) – Man-Kzin Wars XIV seven new short stories set in Niven’s Known Space

R. A. SalvatoreThe Legend of Drizzt 25th Anniversary Edition book IV the 4th omnibus from Dungeons & DragonsForgotten Realms background featuring the elf Drizzt. Contains The Silent Blade, The Spine of the World and The Sea of Swords

in paperback:

Harry TurtledoveAll Fall Down the 2nd volume of his Supervolcano sequence of everyday life after Yellowstone erupts…
Gini KochAlien Research the 8th in the series
E. L. TettensorDarkwalker Nichols Lenoir is a burnt-out Victorian detective whose evil nemesis has returned and kidnapped his best informant…

Mercedes Lackey (editor) – Elementary 19 short stories (including one by Lackey herself) set in her Elemental Masters world

Assassin’s CreedBlack Flag the 6th in the game-based series, by Oliver Bowden. Pirates!


Aleksandra & Daniel MizielinskiMaps big, wonderfully illustrated ‘atlas’ of their favourite countries. Hardback


Interzone – issue #249, cover art by Jim Burns, cover date November/December 2013. Interview and new fiction by John Shirley


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