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New Titles – w/e 30th November 2013

in hardback:

Gene WolfeThe Land Across Grafton, a travel guide writer, is trapped in a small country unable to fathom it’s kafkaesque bureaucracy and customs…
Michael Kurland & S. W. BartonThe Last President alt. history in which Watergate was never exposed…
Tim LebbonReaper’s Legacy and Contagion books 2 & 3 of his Toxic City post-apocalyptic series…

in large format:

Michael Kurland & S. W. BartonThe Last President paranoia and dirty tricks in an America where Watergate never happened and the President grows ever more powerful…

Poul AndersonGateway Omnibus by Orion, including Brain Wave, The Boat of Millions of Years and The Guardians of Time
Robert HoldstockGateway Omnibus from Orion, containing Earthwind, Where Time Winds Blow and In the Valley of the Statues & other stories. The final title consists of 8 short stories, including the original Mythago Wood short.

Clark Ashton SmithThe Return of the Sorcerer: The Best of CAS 18 of his finest stories, with an intro by Gene Wolfe

in ‘B’ format:

David DalglishA Dance of Mirrors volume 3 of Shadowdance, following on from A Dance of Cloaks and A Dance of Blades
Gail CarrigerCurtsies & Conspiracies the sequel to Etiquette Espionage

in paperback:

Gregory Benford & Larry NivenBowl of Heaven a starship crew land on a gigantic object travelling to the same star they’re headed for…
Robert ConroyRising Sun military alternate history in which theUS loses heavily at Midway in 1942…
John Ringo & Ryan SearTiger by the Tail the latest Kildar adventure; the 1st was Ghost, iirc.

Alex BledsoeThe Hum and the Shiver Private Bronwyn Hyatt has retreated to recuperate from her tour of duty in Iraq to her mysterious tribe’s village deep in the Smokey Mountains but an outsider has followed her…
Joanne BertinBard’s Oath the 3rd in the series that began with The Last Dragon Lord
Jody Lyn NyeRobert Asprin‘s Myth Quoted the 21st Myth book overall and the 8th Nye has written, but the first not officially co-written with the late creator of the series, Robert Asprin

David DrakeNight & Demons 28 short stories and an extensive bibliography

Star TrekThe Poisoned Chalice the 3rd part of mini-series The Fall, written by James Swallow
Star WarsScoundrels the latest adventure for Han and Chewie by Timothy Zahn
Star WarsVader’s Little Princess little hardback of cartoons by Jeffrey Brown; a companion volume to the Darth Vader and Son postcard book

art, etc:

Mark BodeThe Big Book of Bode 400+ b&w illustrations suitable for tattoos, by the son of Vaughn Bode
R. B. WhiteThe Art of RBW full colour hardback highlighting his fantasy art

Martin Avery & Mark S. MillerThe Hedge Knight full colour softback graphic novel of the prequel story to The Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Collects the 6 issue mini-series, together with variant covers and b&w sketches…

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusThe Dreaming Galaxy part 1 of The Fifth Essence; full colour limited (& numbered) edition outsize hardcover from Humanoids
Pierre Gabus & Romuald ReutimannThe Fantastic Voyage of Lady Rozenbilt wonderfully strange adventure in a full colour hardback from Humanoids. Companion volume to the creators’ District 14

Isabel GreenbergThe Encyclopedia of Early Earth great-looking hardback with little graphic tales and myths, etc. from ancient history. Not all of it may be true!


Locus – issue #634, cover date November 2013 with Stephen Gould on the cover
Brick Journal – issue #26, cover date November 2013 of the Lego magazine


Game of ThronesPuzzle of Westeros large jigsaw from 4D-Cityscape of the island continent of Westeros of over 1000 pieces. Then there’s another 350+ piece jigsaw that goes on top of it with all the topography. Then there’s a 3rd bag of pieces including dozens of buildings, etc! And there are guides, maps and stickers, too. It all builds up into a  30″ x 18″ realisation of George R. R. Martin‘s world which is up to 2″ thick!  If this sounds complex, wait until you actually see what I’m trying to describe!


Doctor WhoThe Light at the End Big Finish audio adventure celebrating 50 years of the series with a multi-Doctor adventure!

Doctor Who – 1963: The Assassination Games Big Finish audio adventure #180, with Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred


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