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New Titles – w/e 16th November 2013

in hardback:

Stephen DonaldsonThe Last Dark a little late but here’s the 4th and final volume of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Blake’s 7Anthology three new novellas from Gillian F. Taylor, R. A. Henderson & M. G. Harris; Trigger Point, Berserker and Cold Revolution respectively. Published by Big Finish

in large format:

Felix GilmanThe Rise of Ransom City the sequel to his novel The Half-Made World, which I really enjoyed when it first came out. Demonic western sharp-shooters (The Gun) vs the advance of technology (The Line). Sort of.
Elizabeth BearShoggoths in Bloom 20 of her short stories from the last 7 years
Robert W. ChambersThe Yellow Sign and Other Stories fat volume from Chaosium containing all his weird fiction, including The King in Yellow

in ‘B’ format:

Cherie Priest  –Fiddlehead the 5th novel in her Clockwork Century steampunk series

art, etc:

Cathy & Arnie Fenner (editors) – Spectrum 20 the latest giant volume highlighting the best contemporary fantastic art. Available in both hard and soft covers

Robb Pearlman & Dave Urban101 Ways to Kill a Zombie cute little illustrated hardback


Locus – October 2013 cover date, with the late Fred Pohl on the cover
Heavy Metal – issue #265


Doctor Who1963: The Space Race volume #179 in Big Finish‘s full cast audio dramas, with Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant


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