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New Titles – w/e 7th September 2013

in hardback:

John RingoUnder a Graveyard Sky to escape the zombie apocalypse, the Smith family take to the sea! They aren’t the only ones thinking the same thing…
John BarnesThe Last President the 3rd of his Daybreak series, which began with Directive 51 and Daybreak Zero
S. M. StirlingThe Given Sacrifice the 10th Novel of the Change

Tad WilliamsHappy Hour in Hell the 2nd Bobby Dollar adventure, about an angel’s mission to Hell
David DrakeMonsters of the Earth the 3rd volume of The Books of the Elements. Big Roman-esque fantasy

Kim Stanley RobinsonShaman novel set in the last Ice Age

J. E. Mooney & Bill Fawcett (editors) – Shadows of the New Sun 17 short stories from a strong list of authors celebrating The Book of the New Sun, together with 2 more set there by Gene Wolfe himself

in large format:

Lois McMaster BujoldCaptain Vorpatril’s Alliance the latest novel in her
Vorkosigan Saga
Rachel NeumeierThe Floating Islands young adult novel set on Roger Dean/Avatar type floating islands…

Trevor Jones & Liz WilliamsDiary of a Witchcraft Shop sf&f author Williams moved to Glastonbury in 2005. Now she helps run a rather specialist shop her partner owned…
Trevor Jones & Liz WilliamsDiary of a Witchcraft Shop #2 more stories about their lives running a magick shop near Glastonbury.

Mercurio D. RiveraAcross the Event Horizon single author collection, from NewCon Press
Paula Guran (editor) – Halloween: Magic, Mystery and the Macabre seasonal anthology
Ian Whates (editor) – Conflicts anthology of new fiction from the likes of Neal Asher, Chris Beckett and Eric Brown
Neil Clarke
& Sean Wallace (editors) – Clarkesworld Year 3 latest collection of the best of the year’s offerings from the on-line magazine

Stefan EkmanHere Be Dragons: Exploring Fantasy Maps and Settings serious look at fantasy settings and their significance over the years

in ‘B’ format:

C. J. SansomDominion excellent alternate history set in a Britain that 10 years earlier had sued for peace after Dunkirk.
Jim ButcherCold Days the 14th of the Dresden Files
Phil RickmanThe Heresy of Dr. Dee strange events on the Welsh border in the summer of 1560

Neal StephensonSome Remarks 18 essays and articles

in paperback:

Seanan McGuireChimes at Midnight the 7th October Daye novel
Steve BenDaughter of the Sword the 1st in the Fated Blades series; Mariko is the only female in the elite Tokyo police squad and is given the lowly case of a stolen sword to investigate…

S. M. StirlingLord of Mountains the 9th Novel of the Changes

James Rollins and Rebecca CantrellThe Blood Gospel non-stop ancient artifact thriller

Dungeons & DragonsThe Last Threshold the 4th in the Neverwinter series of Forgotten Realms books, by R. A. Salvatore


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