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New Titles – w/e 31st August 2013

in hardback:

James GunnTranscendental a spaceship with a mixed passenger list of humans and aliens heads out to the Galactic rim on a pilgrimage…

in large format:

Todd McCaffrey (editor) – Dragonwriter non-fiction tribute to Anne McCaffrey from the the editor (her son) and 22 other writers and artists. Also includes a colour insert of concept art for various Pern novels

Chris MoriartyThe Inquisitors Apprentice Sacha can see witches, and is forced to join the NYPD Inquisition as an apprentice to help find who wants to kill Edison before he can complete his witch-finding machine…
James MaxeyDawn of Dragons prequel to his Bitterwood fantasy trilogy

Robert DevereauxWalking Wounded horror novel

in ‘B’ format:

Martin MillarThe Anxiety of Kalix the Werewolf the 3rd in the series that began with Lonely Werewolf Girl and Curse of the Wolf Girl. More about the Scottish werewolf clan
Lauren BeukesThe Shining Girls thriller with a time-travelling serial killer…
Cory DoctorowHomeland in the near future, surveillance and spying on citizens reaches new heights…

in paperback:

Benedict JackaChosen the 4th Alex Varus adventure
Simon R. GreenSpirits From Beyond the 4th Ghost Finders novel
Mercedes Lackey & James MalloryCrown of Vengeance the 1st in their new Dragon Prophecy series. A Darkness is coming closer and threatens to destroy the Elven Kingdoms…
Maria V. SnyderSea Glass the 2nd of her Glass trilogy. Opal is studying to become a Glass Magician but is forced to flee
Liesel SchwarzA Conspiracy of Alchemists airship pilot Elle Chance must stop the Alchemists’ apocalyptic plan! 1st of the Chronicles of Light and Shadow
A. Lee MartinezToo Many Curses Nessie the Kobald’s job is to defend the wizard’s castle but she’d rather polish the silver…
Jennifer EstepHeart of Venom the 9th Elemental Assassin adventure

Ann AgguirePerdition 1st of the Dred Chronicles, about ‘Dred’ Davos, who  controls a segment of a guardless orbiting convict space station. A newly arrived convict may be the person she needs for her plans…
Sharon Lee & Steve MillerDragon Ship the latest book set in their Liaden Universe
Christopher L. BennettOnly Superhuman generations ago Earth had banned genetic and cybernetic modifications, but the asteroid belt colonies hadn’t…

Joe McKinneyThe Savage Dead zombies! Can Perez and his crack SEAL team stop them in time?
Junius PodrugAztec Revenge the 3rd book by Podrug continuing the series started by the late Gary Jennings. It seems to be set in the 1560s, so it’s some time after the original Aztec novel

Star TrekRevelation and Dust part 1 of a new series called The Fall, set after the destruction of DS9

art, etc:

Bob PeakThe Art of BP beautifully produced hardback (in it’s own custom box) It’s sealed, but what little I can see looks great!
Christian AlzmannTales: the Art of CA mainly full colour art, together with some sketches

Mark SalisburyElysium: The Art of the Film big hardback with lots of full colour art and some fold out pages. Also concept design sketches, etc.

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusWhat is Above the latest outsize limited edition (999 copies) of their work to be published by Humanoids
Philippe Riche – Bad Break crime noir graphic novel from Humanoids
Catel & Veronique GrisseauxBluesy Lucy b&w graphic novel subtitled ‘The Existential Chronicles of a Thirtysomething‘. From Humanoids

Gahan WilsonSunday Comics comic-strip shaped hardback full of his full colour single panel gags

Doctor WhoThe Companions full colour guide to all the companions the Doctor’s had over the decades. Published by the BBC but put together by the folk at Doctor Who Magazine. Loads of info and pictures.


Heavy Metal – October cover date

Locus – August cover date Kim Stanley Robinson on the cover

wall calendars:

The Lord of the Rings 2014 Official Trilogy Calendar stills from the three Peter Jackson films

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