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New Titles – w/e 13th July 2013

in hardback:

Andrzej SapkowskiTime of Contempt the 3rd in the series that began with The Last Wish and Blood of Elves

in large format:

The Horus HeresyMark of Calth the 25th volume in the series, this is an anthology edited by Laurie Gouldring

in ‘B’ format:

Mark Charan NewtonThe Broken Isles 4th in his Legends of the Red Sun series. The 1st was Nights of Villjamur.
Robert V. S. RedickThe Night of the Swarm the final volume of his Chathrand Voyage quartet, which began with The Red Wolf Conspiracy
Nathan HawkeThe Crimson Shield 1st in the Gallow series, fantasy featuring a Viking-style warrior
Stephen BaxterIron Winter the final volume of his Northland trilogy. It’s now 1315; history is completely unlike our own timeline and a mini-Ice Age is approaching. Excellent end to the series, although you’re left wanting to know more…

Kate GriffinThe Glass God apprentice Shaman Sharon thinks she’s getting to grips with the job at last…
Robert RankinThe Educated Ape and other Wonders of the Worlds his latest steampunk style novel
Paul CornellLondon Falling the 1st Shadow Police novel

Peter ClinesEx-Heroes the 1st in a new series about superheroes in a zombie apocalypse…
Peter ClinesEx-Patriots two years on, the superheroes know that can’t hold out forever…
Peter ClinesEx-Communication more superhero action in a zombie ridden L.A.

John CrowleyThe Deep his first novel from 1975, now issued as an SF Masterwork, set in a strange world atop a massive pillar. Intorduction by Ken MacLeod
Philip K. Dick3 Early Novels omnibus edition containing The Man Who Japed, Vulcan’s Hammer and Dr. Futurity

Warhammer 40,000Seventh Retribution novel by Ben Counter

J. K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter series is being re-issued with new covers; the first 3 have arrived so far, with the other 4 due very soon.

in paperback:

Alex ArcherClockwork Doomsday the 43rd Rogue Angel adventure!
James AxlerStorm Breakers the 70th (I think) Death Lands adventure

The Horus HeresyAngel Exterminatus volume 23, by Graham McNeill

art, etc:

Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber full page panels illustrating what various animals might write with a felt tip pen!
Pendleton Ward (creator) et al – Adventure Time Mathematical Edition volume one full colour hardback, mainly graphic novel style but with a cover gallery, behind the scenes, etc.
David Harland Rousseau & Benjamin Reid PhillipsStory-Boarding Essentials guide to story boarding for film and tv, video, etc.

Harlan Ellison & Paul Chadwick7 Against Chaos full colour hardback graphic novel


Juxtapoz – #28, the 3rd this year. Abe Lincoln on the cover


Star TrekScience Symbol Wall Clock communicator-shaped wall gold & black wall clock, with the hands mounted in th centre of the science symbol


Edinburgh International Book Festival programme – available at Transreal
EIBF Stripped programme supplement (with complete listings for their comic & graphic novel strand) also available

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