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New Titles – w/e 6th July 2013

in hardback:

Taylor AndersonStorm Surge the 8th in his Destroyermen series, about a WW2 warship & crew transpoerted to a very different version of Earth…
Michael FlynnOn the Razor’s Edge the 4th and, I understand, final book in his Spiral Arm set
Peter LineyThe Detainee the island was the end of the road, guarded by orbiting satellites and with unknown horrors in the tunnels beneath!

Kate ForsythThe Wold Girl a tale about the tales of two brothers called Grimm, set in the early 19th C

Guy Gavriel KayRiver of Stars sequel to Under Heaven
James TreadwellAnarchy magic is risen, and there’s endless snow in Cornwall and plague on an obscure island on the west coast of Canada…

The Brothers GrimmVolume II: 110 Grimmer Fairy Tales companion to volume 1, which was issued by Canterbury Classics recently. Nice lookiong editions

in large format:

George R. R. MartinTuf Voyaging reprint of the stories featuring Haviland Tuf, an honest space trader!
Timothy ZahnCobra Slave the 1st book of his new Cobra Rebellion series, the 7th Cobra book overall

Shaunta GrimesViral Nation the US has splintered into multiple city states and the Company, which saved humanity by using time travel to obtain a vital vaccine from the future, controls everything. Clover and her service dog are recruited to gather vital news from the future…

in ‘B’ format:

Cinda Williams ChindaThe Crimson Crown the 4th volume of the Seven Realms series
Mark Charan NewtonThe Broken Isles volume 4 of the Legends of the Red Sun
Jay CristoffStormdancer Yukiko and her father have been tasked with hunting a griffin for the Shogun. But everyone knows they’re long extinct… Book 1 of The Lotus War
Kate ForsythBitter Greens an exile from the Court of the Sun King tells some tales…
Paul CornellLondon Falling tackling supernatural crime in the Big Smoke…

Guy HaleyCrash the rich don’t want the Earth anymore and launch a colony fleet to the stars!
Gary GibsonAngel Stations and Against Gravity his latest two sf reprints

Doctor WhoDark Horizons new Eleventh Doctor adventure set in the late Viking age, by Jenny T. Colgan

Eric BrownThe Angels of Life and Death short story collection from infinity plus books. The 11 satories date from 1992 – 2009

Mike Ashley (editor) – Time Travel SF 25 classic stories from Robinson publishers.

in paperback:

Larry Niven & Edward M. LernerFate of Worlds the 5th in their prequel series to Niven’s classic Ringworld
Taylor AndersonIron Gray Sea the 7th in his Destroyermen series, set on an alternate Earth where humans didn’t evolve…
Terry A. Adams = The D’Neeran Factor fat omnibus edition of his two 1980s books Sentience and The Master of Chaos. Human telepaths have fled persecution to a distant planet, but one of them has taken a post on a new exploratory mission… a folow-up novel is due from DAW soon

Glen CookWicked Bronze Ambition the 14th Garrett, P.I. adventure They’re getting longer; this one’s 480+ pages. The early ones were half that length!
D. B. JacksonThieftaker Boston, 1765; Ethan is a thieftaker who stumbles on much stronger magic than his own…
Diana RowlandWhite Trash Zombie Apocalypse the 3rd of her White Trash Zombie books

art, etc:

Joe Sergi (editor) – Great Zombies in History single panels and strips  in b&w


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