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New Titles – w/e 29th June 2013

in hardback:

Charles StrossNeptune’s Brood humans are extinct, but there are metahumans, and Krina must travel to a strange water world looking for her sister… Signed copies available very soon

James RollinsThe Eye of God the 9th Sigma Force ancient artifact thriller

in large format:

Julie E. CzeredaA Turn of Light large (840 pages) fantasy, the first half of Night’s Edge, set in Marrowdell, a valley near to where the magic and dragons are… Looks good, but I should have had it in a few weeks ago!
Kate ElliottCold Steel volume 3 of Spirit Walker

Joseph S. Pulver, sr. (editor) – A Season in Carcosa 21 new stories celebrating Robert W. Chamber‘s classic weird work, The King in Yellow

in ‘B’ format:

Kim Stanley Robinson2312 not a sequel to his Red Mars trilogy, but set in a broadly compatible solar system in 300 years time.

David S. Goyer & Michael CassuttHeaven’s War continuing the story of the alien-inhabited asteroid and it’s exploration started in Heaven’s Shadow
Madeline AshbyiD  the sequel to vN. Amy Peterson is a von Veumann machine and her failsafe protecting humans has failed…
John Gwynne – Malice big new epic fantasy; the 1st of The Faithful and the Fallen series set in the uneasy pease of the Banished Lands…
Terence BlackerThe Twyning two runaway children, and a hidden underground city of rats…
Paul S. KempA Discourse in Steel the 2nd adventure for Egil & Nix. A sequel to The Hammer and the Blade
Francis Knight Before the Fall the 2nd adventure for pain-mage Rojan Dizon in the giant vertical city of Mahala; the 1st was Fade to Black

John ShirleyNew Taboos the latest Outspoken Authors volume from PM Press. It includes the novells A State of Imprisonment, 2 essays on the near to mid future, a bibliography and an interview with Terry Bisson

in paperback:

John VarleySlow Apocalypse disaster destroys the world’s oil fields and chaos results. In this case, centred around Los Angeles
Larry CorreiaMonster Hunter: Legion 4th in the series about the company set up to fight monsters!
Michael Z. WilliamsonWhen Diplomacy Fails… the latest in the series about Ripple Creek Security, which began with Freehold

Kevin HearneHunted the 6th of the Iron Druid Chronicles
Jamie QuaidDamn Him to Hell the 2nd of the Saturn’s Daughter series; urban fantasy set in Baltimore

Kelly McCulloughBlade Reforged the 4th in his Fallen Blade series
Dennis McKiernanThe Dragonstone first (from 1996) of a series of reprints of his classic Mithgar fantasy series

Star Trek: EnterpriseA Choice of Futures the latest novel from Christopher L. Bennett, set after the Romulan War
Star Wars: X-WingMercy Kill set after the Fate of the Jedi set and written by Aaron Allston

art, etc:

World War ZThe Art of the Film full colour art (and the script alongside) of the new film based on the book by Max Brooks
Summer Wars Material Book stills, concept art, design and more, with English text all about the anime film by Mamoru Hasada

Jean-Baptiste Hostache, Jason nhenderson, Tony Salvaggio & IzuClockwerx giant robots in Victorian London! H/C graphic novel from Humanoids
H. P. Lovecraft with I. N. J. CulbardThe Shadow Out of Time full colour adaptation of the novel by HPL; looks very nice

Dougal Dixon & Dan GreenIf Dinosaurs Were Alive Today new h/c edition of how things might look if dinos were still around and interacting with the modern world!


Locus – June cover date, with Rudy Rucker on the cover.  The shop is named after one of his books
Illustration – #41 commercial art from the 20th century, including a feature on George Stavrinos

Color Ink Book: The DIY Art Periodicalvolume seventeen b&w art you’re expected to add to!


Doctor WhoPrisoners of Fate  Big Finish audio drama #174, with Peter Davidson
Doctor WhoThe Dalek Contract full cast audio drama 2.6 from Big Finish with Tom Baker and Mary Tamm

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